“Dear Fake Geek Guys, Please Go Away!” – A Satirical Report by Cosplayer Jennifer Landa [Video]

“With their lack of fabric and abundance of skin, who were all these half-naked men? Were they true geeks? Or opportunists pandering for attention?” Well played, Ms. Landa. Well played. Editor’s note: I’ve been following Jennifer’s Youtube channel for a while, and even though the videos she release are often really fun and interesting, she […]

Gallery Marks Women in Computing History

The United Kingdom’s National Museum of Computing has unveiled a gallery marking the undersung achievements of women in computing. The gallery’s creation was a response to the fact that only one in ten students who visit the museum as part of its computer learning program are female. Although the gallery is currently a standalone display, […]

Dark Horse to Give ‘Concrete Park’ 5-Issue Miniseries!

Some of you (like myself) may remember actress Erika Alexander from Living Single where she played Maxine Shaw. Back in December 2011, Dark Horse released her and Tony Puryear’s (Eraser) Concrete Park under its “Dark Horse Presents” series. Now, because of critical buzz, Dark Horse will give Concrete Park a 5-issue miniseries, starting in 2014! [via Bleeding Cool]