Can You Turn Into A Werewolf in ‘Bloodborne?’


Bloodborne has a lot of people’s blood boiling right now in a good way. The hardcore PS4 exclusive seems to be just the game the eighth console generation needed. Difficult, bloody, rewarding. And what we are slowly learning, bigger and more in-depth than many of us initially knew. In this case, we are talking about “beast mode” which is fabled in the game, but little seems to be known about it since the game’s release.

Thankfully, the guys at Kotaku noticed something interesting when they were playing that seems to tie into the idea of a beast mode in the game:

All of these Beasthood details are surprisingly understated for a game that’s all about werewolves—so much so that it took me over a dozen hours to realize that the main character can actually (at least partially) transform into a beast. The only reason I stumbled on that epiphany was because I performed something called a “Visceral Attack” at such an exact angle that I noticed I was actually using claw hands to rip out the guts of my enemies. The game never points this out to you. You could miss it if you’re not paying attention. Here is a close-up, so you can see what I’m talking about:


As you can see from this gif, that hand does seem suspiciously claw like. Thoughts? Have any of you Bloodborne players helped crack this code yet? Hit up our comments and let us know.

[Bloodborne | Story via Kotaku]

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