The Rise and Fall of Saturday Morning Cartoons: A Valuable Lesson

Saturday morning cartoons

For those of us who went through childhood in the eighties and nineties, Saturday morning cartoons were a part of what defined us as adults today. These two decades were completely different when it came to how we consumed content, especially when compared to how kids watch cartoons these days with the Internet and on […]

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring – What’s the Difference? (Movie vs. Book)

In this video, CineFix begins a 3 part journey through Middle-earth with J.R.R. Tolkien’s classics and Peter Jackson’s epic adaptations. With no restraint on spoilers, it’s time to ask, What’s the Difference?!? [CineFix]

Staying at a Tokyo Capsule Hotel [Video]

Capsule hotels are dream come true for budget travellers – particularly in upmarket Ginza in Tokyo. [Abroad in Japan]

Adult Disney Fans Are Weird (And Amazing!) [Video]

Disclaimer: I’m part of those weird people and I’m really proud of it. As a Canadian, I’ve only been to Disney World once (in 2010,) and I’ve been looking forward to my second visit for YEARS now. Unfortunately, bringing a family of 5 there is crazy expensive, so I’m waiting for them to open the […]

Remembering The Sinclair ZX81 Computer 36 Years Later

One of the main reasons I enjoyed the Micro Men drama so much was that it featured all three computers (other than PCs) which I have owned in my life. And by owned I mean “had access to in my home as a child”. The first such machine is the ZX81, Sinclair’s second home machine, […]

Dad Build Rollercoaster For Toddler [Video]

When a kid claims to have a rollercoaster in their backyard, classmates usually know it’s a tall tale. That’s not the case with young Wyatt Brazelton — partly because he’s only two, and partly because his dad Scott really has built a rollercoaster, powered by elbow grease and gravity.

NES Box Art Becomes Wall Art

ThinkGeek is selling canvas art with a choice of four classic NES title box images. Each canvas cost $15.99, is 19″ by 13″ and is officially licensed by Nintendo. You can choose between Duck Hunt, Metroid, Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda. Check them out at ThinkGeek.

Richard E Grant: It’s Time For A Female Doctor

As the hunt for the successor to Peter Capaldi continues, a former Doctor (of sorts) says its time for a female incarnation. Richard E Grant, who played the Doctor in an animated series that’s now generally considered non-canon, discussed the topic in an interview with SyFy Wire.