The Reason Why Santa Did Not Show Up This Year [Comic]

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Things We Used To Say [Comic]

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Geeks are Sexy’s Best Cosplay Photos: From 2011 to 2018 [Gallery]

Since I’ve started this blog, one of the things that you guys liked the most is our coverage of popular culture conventions. The first event we’ve covered is Montreal Comiccon back in 2011, and since then, we never stopped bringing you new cosplay photos from all around the world! Unfortunately, while cosplay is much more […]

Solar System Rings

Solar system necklaces aren’t that uncommon, but this is a new twist on planetary jewellery. Created by etsy seller jamincjewelry, it’s a stackable set of rings, meaning you can easily keep up with the latest arguments over definitions.

14 of the Geekiest Car Emblems Ever

Whether you’re a sci-fi or horror fan, or if you’re all about science, here are 10 of the geekiest car emblems ever! As far as I’m concerned, my favorite is the Cthulhu fish emblem (the FSM comes close behind,) but we have plenty of other cool ones to choose from below! Cthulhu Fish Chrome Auto […]

What You May Not Know About Stan Lee

Everyone will remember Stan Lee as the lovable grandpa of the Marvel universe. All those wonderful cameos aside, Stan Lee was a cornerstone of the comics industry dating all the way back to 1939. For eight decades, Lee compiled a remarkable list of achievements and changed comics forever — but there’s still plenty that many […]

How Stan Lee’s Childhood Reading Habits Led to The Creation of Marvel Comics

Back in 2015, Stan Lee sat down with The New York Times to discuss his life and career and how his childhood reading habits eventually led to the creation of Marvel Comics. Check it out, this is quite an interesting story! [The New York Times | Via LS]

The History of the Mouse Cursor [Video]

The history of the humble mouse cursor by sound designer Michiel de Boer. [Posy | Via TA]