Korean YouTuber Discovers He’s Not So Tall After All in the Netherlands: Land of Giants!

At 193 centimeters tall (or 6′ 4″), Youtuber 아픈 니가 청춘 is used to stand out in a crowd, epsecially in Korea, where people are a lot shorter than he is. But in this video, he discovers a world where towering over others isn’t the norm. In the Netherlands, where the average man’s height surpasses […]

We’ve been here before: AI promised humanlike machines – in 1958

Frank Rosenblatt with the Mark I Perceptron, the first artificial neural network computer, unveiled in 1958. National Museum of the U.S. Navy/Flickr Danielle Williams, Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis A roomsize computer equipped with a new type of circuitry, the Perceptron, was introduced to the world in 1958 in a brief […]

From Royalty to Apps: The Fascinating Evolution of Food Delivery

Indulging in your favorite meals without budging from the comfort of your couch has become an everyday luxury thanks to the evolution of food delivery. Rain or shine, blizzard or pandemic, the convenience of ordering through apps has transformed dining habits worldwide. But behind every tap on the screen lies a fascinating history that paved […]

Tolkien’s Hatred for Disney Unveiled: Exploring the Clash of Storytelling Titans

In his latest video, YouTuber “Ink and Fantasy” delves into the complex relationship between the legendary author and the entertainment company. Contrary to popular belief, Tolkien’s disdain wasn’t directed at Walt Disney himself, but rather at the transformative nature of Disney’s adaptations. From his early encounter with “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” alongside his […]

How a New York Times copyright lawsuit against OpenAI could potentially transform how AI and copyright work

Stas Malyarevsky / Shutterstock Dinusha Mendis, Bournemouth University On December 27, 2023, the New York Times (NYT) filed a lawsuit in the Federal District Court in Manhattan against Microsoft and OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, alleging that OpenAI had unlawfully used its articles to create artificial intelligence (AI) products. Citing copyright infringement and the importance […]

The Legendary Jon Stewart is Returning to The Daily Show

In a surprising twist for fans of late-night television, Jon Stewart, the iconic former host of The Daily Show, is set to make a comeback to the Comedy Central staple, covering the 2024 election. Following the departure of Trevor Noah in 2022 and a year of guest hosts, Stewart’s return has been eagerly anticipated by […]