Never Read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? Now is the Time to Do So!

If you never read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you’re really missing out. This is easily one of the funniest sci-fi stories of all time. Fortunately, you can remedy to that by getting the book on Kindle for just $2.99 today. Just be sure to also order a towel to go along with it. […]

Dear Internet, Please Stop Complaining [Editorial]

To whom it may concern, Lately, I have been very disappointed by the words some of you have allowed yourselves to write, thanks to the cover of a screen name and a computer. Maybe it’s the exhausted teacher in me, but I can’t help it. Television, entertainment, movies are not democratic processes where one can […]

The Animated History of England

The English have had perhaps more impact on British, European and World History than any other nation. First a province of the Romans before becoming petty Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms, the story of the English is long and complex. [Suibhne]

Glove and Boots: The Real Thor vs. Marvel Comics’ Thor [Video]

Watch as Mario and Fafa from Glove and Boots explore the legendary Thor, the Norse god of thunder. Forget Marvel, the real Thor was way too cool for the Avengers. [Glove and Boots]

Are You Nerdy Enough?

Do you dare call your feminine content nerdy? The Council of Nerdy Things is here to decide! [CH]

George R. R. Martin on the “Game of Thrones” Finale, Upcoming Books, and Future Projects

Now that Game of Thrones is finally over, author George R. R. Martin has finally spoken out about the series finale in a post over at “Not A Blog.” The post is very long, but he addresses a few things fans of the books will want to know. 1- He’s not done with The Winds […]

Because of You Someone’s Entire Life Can Change: A Wonderful Anti-Bullying Campaign

Because of You is an anti-bullying campaign by the Ad Council that encourages teenagers to use compassion, self-reflection, and mindfulness when interacting with people. They get the message across by using various videos of teens sharing their experiences, from those who get bullied, to the ones that help them. View this post on Instagram Spider-Man: […]

Ottawa Comiccon 2019 Cosplay in Pictures – Part I

For the past few years, the Geeks are Sexy team has been spending Mother’s Day weekend in Ottawa, attending Ottawa Comiccon 2019. Once again, following tradition, we were there capturing the best and funniest cosplays of our nation’s capital. With a great guest line-up, the Ottawa convention is once again a front-runner for amazingly talented […]