How Many Verb Tenses Are There in English?

Nope, not just past, present and future. There are 12 in total, thanks to grammatical aspect. How many different verb tenses are there in a language like English? At first, the answer seems obvious — there’s past, present, and future. But it isn’t quite that simple. Anna Ananichuk explains how thanks to something called grammatical […]


Halloween 2017: Send Us Your Halloween Costume Pictures! (+ Giveaway!)

Hey geeks! Since Halloween is now upon us, we’re asking you, dear readers, to send us pictures of your costumes! We’ll be posting a gallery of our favorites in the next few days! I’ll be randomly giving away a t-shirt to a lucky reader who send in a pic! Kindly email your pics to: [email protected] […]

The Gaming History of Assassin’s Creed [Video]

The gaming history of the Assassin’s Creed series, from its root as a sequel to Prince of Persia to the upcoming game in the franchise, Assassin’s Creed: Origins. [beatdownboogie]

Meta Mark Hamill Meets The Joker

In this animated short, The Joker kidnaps Mark Hamill only to discover a surprise about himself. To say more would be to spoil it…

Minecraft Gets Stranger Things Skin Pack

Minecraft has unveiled a pack of skins based on Stranger Things characters in multiple outfits from the show. These are a few of the images: you can check out the full set on the Minecraft site, though be warned a few of them might serve as season two spoilers if you analyze them too intensely.

How Time Travel Works In Fiction

Different works of fiction have different logic and physics takes on exactly how time travel works in their creative universe. Here’s a great rundown of some of the variants.  

It’s Harry Pottery With New Dinner Set

Potter fans will never mix up their dinnerware again — as long as they each have a favorite house. This 16-piece collection from Think Geek features a dinner plate, salad plate, bowl and cup with house illustrations and even text from the Sorting Hat’s introduction. As you’d expect, there’s one set each for Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, […]