Found Another Heath Ledger Joker Easter Egg in Another DC Animated Movie

This time I was re-watching Assault on Arkham (the kick-ass animated Suicide Squad movie that SHOULD HAVE BEEN adapted into the live action movie) and just like with The Killing Joke, I thought I saw something really quick, paused it just right, and sure enough. An easter egg referencing the clown mask Heath Ledger’s Joker […]

Forget Pokémon Go: It’s Paperback Go As Belgians Hunt Books

A school principal who wanted to clear out his bookshelves has created a game that’s attracted nearly 50,000 people. Belgium’s Aveline Gregoire says he was inspired to create the “Book hunters” game by the success of Pokemon Go. Unlike the Pokemon game, the book hunting game (known locally as “Chasseurs de livres”) doesn’t use GPS […]

Many Faces Of Doctor Who Dress [Pics]

Etsy user CakeShopCouture offers a wide range of handmade dresses with geek culture designs. This one’s a must for those of you who can’t pick your favourite incarnation of the Doctor. [Via: Fashionably Geek]

Help Fund the Coolest Dice Set of all Time

Do I even have to tell you why you need to help fund these dice? Most of us who are true geeks have played tabletop games that require dice that have more than six sides. While there have been many cool variations over time, how cool would it feel to help fund the next coolest […]

New Harry Potter E-Books Compile Pottermore Stories

Three new Harry Potter books are on the way. They’ll be collections of short pieces from the Pottermore website and sold as low-priced e-books. The Pottermore Presents series will combine archive material from the site along with new writing from JK Rowling: Hogwarts: An Incomplete and Unreliable Guide is a collection of pieces about the school […]

The Making Of The Stranger Things Titles [Videos]

It’s obvious from watching that the Netflix hit’s titles are retro-themed, but here creative director Michelle Dougherty explains the specific influences behind elements such as the typeface, design and effects.

Now That’s A Puzzle Book [Pics]

Normally a five page story book would seem a bit thin, but Codex Silenda is different. Before you can turn each page and continue the story, you need to solve a physical puzzle that quite literally unlocks the next chapter. The wooden book has been fully funded on Kickstarter and will be available in both […]

Stranger Things Vinyl Toys [Pics]

The artist behind Funko’s Vinyl Idolz range has created some concept art for a Stranger Things range. For now they are just designs, but no doubt the idea is to create enough demand to lead to licensing and manufacture. Check out more pics on the artist’s Twitter feed.

How Not To Get Stuck In Traffic [Video]

Everyone know the problem with traffic is other drivers, but this video explores how science as diverse as phase particles and psychology play a role in clogging up our streets. (Note that the final 30 seconds or so of the clip is a promo spot for a company that sponsored the video makers for this […]

Bots That Walk Off Cliffs: How Does Video Game AI Work?

AI is one of those “keywords” that gamers like to bring up a lot, but only coders and game programmers truly know anything about it for real. While most people know AI means artificial intelligence, and most gamers know that means how the non-human bots are programmed to act in video games, what do we […]

Off-Grid Couple Make Own Island

There’s something of a craze for living off-grid in tiny homes that let you live almost anywhere, but one couple has taken it a step further. They’ve avoided size constraints and instead set up home on their own floating island. [Via: Presurfer]

Honest Trailers: Emmy Candidates

Honest Trailers got nominated for an Emmy this year and its crew has celebrated in the only way they know how: by poking fun at other nominees.