Mad Mario and the Starry Road [Animated GIF]


Pixel art at its finest. The internet has a new best Gif of all time. Game over, literally. Mad Mario for the win. (Imgur)

Oculus Rift: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW


The big buzz in gaming right now is that VR is about to (finally) take off. With Playstation having their own VR set they are about to release, it makes us wonder, has everyone forgotten about the Oculus Rift? This new VR rig is set to change the way we game forever, yet we still […]

Someone Made The Coolest Gamer Skateboard Deck Ever


To the Imgur user who mixed two amazing things together to make them even more amazing, you are a genius and all fellow geeks including myself bow before your creative majesty. I know you used a killer website to help you but just allow us to heap this praise on you for a moment, not them. […]

The Force is Strong With My Dishes…..

rem tie fighter

Is it just me, or do my recently washed dishes in this photo look suspiciously like a TIE fighter? Did the Force just awaken in my house? You know I am a true geek when I stopped what I was doing at 2 a.m to take a pic of this to share with the world. […]

Star Wars: The Top 20 Coolest Spaceships

dapta kokko

The “what is the best ship is the Star Wars universe?” debate will most likely rage forever, because there are so many different answers. Some love the (obvious choice) Millennium Falcon, while others (myself included) think the TIE Fighters are the coolest ship (design) beaming around the galaxy. Den of Geek have thrown together a […]

‘Daredevil’ Season 2 Promises Both Punisher and Elektra Will Have Costumes


People were kind of pissed that Daredevil didn’t wear his costume until the end of season one, and even then, a lot of fans were let down with the way the suit looked. So what should we expect from new characters Elektra and Punisher next season? Good news, from and Daredevil Co-Executive Producer Marco […]

Stargate Universe Fans Petition Netflix: Over 100,000 Signatures so Far!


Both fans and cast members of Stargate Universe are calling on Netflix to pick up the show. More than 100,000 people have signed a petition arguing that it’s a perfect fit for a streaming service. The show only ran for two seasons before being dropped by Syfy in 2010. Plans to conclude the story — […]

‘Inside Out’ May Be (BETTER BE) Getting Sequel


Inside Out 2, huh? This seems to be big news over at i09, and props to them for uncovering the buzz. But hey, we are clearly going to see Riley grow up and face puberty in the second movie (love and heartbreak, me thinks) and then potentially become a parent of her own in the […]

Stephen Fry’s Short Guide to British Etiquette [Video]


To showcase the unique, eclectic culture of modern Britain, the folks from the Heathrow Airport teamed up with British Icon, Stephen Fry, to teach proper British etiquette to tourists. I love the UK, and especially its many and varied accents! Can’t wait to visit someday and maybe take a stroll around Llanfair­pwllgwyn­gyllgo­gery­chwyrn­dro­bwll­llanty­silio­gogo­goch. [Heathrow Airport]

Drunk With Awe: Neil DeGrasse Tyson on The Meaning and Beauty Of Life And Death [Video]


A few days ago, Neil deGrasse Tyson had a very deep conversation with Jason Silva, the host of National Geographic’s Brain Games, about the meaning and beauty of life and death and how death is actually a beautiful thing because it brings meaning to life. “My knowledge that I will die gives focus and meaning […]

NBC Making “The Office” Type Show With DC Superheroes


So in the weirdest bit of nerd news in a long time, it seems NBC is going to be working on a DC comics show that is very much set up like the recent reality-fake- comedy show, The Office. NBC has ordered a comedy pilot set in the DC Comics universe “full of superheroes, villains […]

Court: Monkey Can’t Copyright Selfie

A macaque monkey is not legally able to claim copyright on a series of self-portrait photographs according to a US court. It’s the latest ruling in a series of lawsuits about who, if anyone, should profit. The image shown above was taken in 2011 in Indonesia during a photoshoot by professional photographer David Slater. However, […]