Game of Thrones Comes To Postage Stamps

Brits no longer need to send a raven to get their Game of Thrones delivery fix. A new range of postage stamps celebrate characters from the show. The United Kingdom stamps are valid to use and act as standard first class postage (that is next-dayish delivery for standard letters). However, they are also designed as […]

Learn All About Scottish Slang Words with Gerard Butler

Learn all about Scottish slang words with Gerard Butler in this video from Vanity fair. I love his comment on how Scottish slang is mostly about things that are gross, ugly, or that relate to being drunk or stupid. [Vanity Fair]

Harry Potter Scots Language Edition Might Be the Best Book of All Time

Imgur user whovianmuse recently posted some hilarious excerpts from the Scots language edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Stane. Yes, this is actually a real book, and you can purchase it via right here. “So I got the Scots edition of Philosopher’s Stone for Christmas this year and uh…yeah, I’m pretty sure […]

130 Years of National Geographic Covers in Just Two Minutes (1888 – 2018)

Over the last 130 years, National Geographic has changed the look of its magazine but never wavered from its commitment to explore ‘the world and all that is in it’. In this short video, watch the evolution (1888 to today) of this iconic cover while reliving some of the most famous milestones along the way. […]

Japanese Etiquette: 12 Things NOT to do in Japan

Here are 12 things you should not be doing while visiting Japan! Learn the etiquette before you get there thanks to Chris Broad of the “Abroad in Japan” Youtube channel! [Abroad in Japan]

What Causes a Foreign Accent?

The human vocal tract can produce thousands of different sounds but languages use only a tiny subset of them. What happens when you try to speak a language that uses a different subset from your own? Find out in this video from Arika Okrent. [Arika Okrent]

Meet the Voice Behind ‘Mortal Kombat II’

Steve Ritchie is something of a legend in the video game world. For most, he’s the prolific pinball designer responsible for creating more machines than anyone else in pinball history. But, for those in the know, he’s also the godlike voice behind the announcer in the classic game, “Mortal Kombat II.” After voicing a number […]

Harry Potter: The Burrow Gingerbread House [Picture]

A totally awesome gingerbread representation of the Weasley family house. As for the technical stuff, I started out by making a foamcore model of the house, figuring out each piece which I then used for a template. My Gingerbread house is a lot more about gingerbread than icing and candy. There are two different recipes […]