Halloween 2016: Send Us Your Halloween Costume Pictures! (+ Giveaway!) [REMINDER!]

Hey geeks! Since Halloween is now upon us, we’re asking you, dear readers, to send us pictures of your costumes! We’ll be posting a gallery of our favorites in the next few days! I’ll be randomly giving away a t-shirt to two lucky readers who send in a pic! Kindly email your pics to: feedback3@geeksaresexy.net […]

Video Game Story Time – Zelda: Majora’s Mask – The Story of Eiji Aonuma

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask had one of the most interesting behind-the-scenes development stories of any Nintendo game. Shigeru Miyamoto gave Eiji Aonuma just one year to complete the entire game, despite the fact that Eiji had never made a Zelda game before. The result was one of the most popular games of all […]

Xbox One: 5 Ways To Upgrade Your Experience

The Xbox One is a powerful system (and now the new XBox One S,) but sometimes when new consoles come out, some gamers don’t know how to tap the full potential of that system until it has been on the shelves for awhile. Here are some simple and quick ways to upgrade your gaming experience […]

The Fabulous Cosplay of Quebec City Comic Con 2016 – Part I [Picture Gallery]

Once again this year, the team at Geeks are Sexy (Yours truly and my friend, Patrick-Michel Dagenais) were on site to cover the event for you guys. The temperature totally sucked, but fortunately, costumers went to the event en masse to turn a gloomy day into one filled with virtual sunshine. Plus, visiting the capital […]

How You Doing? Researchers Work On Animated Joey-Bot

Researchers are trying to create a digital version of Joey Tribbiani (From Friends) that can speak automatically generated dialogue in Matt LeBlanc’s voice. The ultimate goal is to have automated Friends characters converse and generate new scenes. Unfortunately both the dialog and the way it’s overlaid on video footage of the Joey character are, to […]

10 Hidden Messages In Popular Movies And TV Shows

Did you know that Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly was heavily influenced by Han Solo and that a Han Solo in Carbonite figure is hidden in many scenes of the series? I’ve included a few pictures of these scenes, one above, and three below. This is just one of ten messages hidden in popular movies and […]

“Are You Lost In The World Like Me?” Takes a Look at Our Terrifying Dependence on Technology

A fantastic music video by artists Steve Cutts and Moby that takes a look at our increasing dependence on technology as well as the lack of human interaction we face as we enter the “future.” The official video for Are You Lost In The World Like Me? Taken from These Systems Are Failing- the debut […]

Wasteland Weekend Is the Real Life ‘Mad Max’ [Video]

Deep in California’s Mojave Desert, there’s a four-day post-apocalyptic party going on each year. It’s one part burning man and one part “Mad Max” with a lot of gearheads mixed in and it’s called “Wasteland Weekend,” the world’s largest post-apocalyptic festival. Take a stroll through the end of the world with the folks from “Great […]

The Most Popular TV Show in Each State

I guess this will be mainly of interest to people living in the U.S., but the folks from cabletv.com have compiled a list of the most popular TV shows watched in the U.S. in each of the country’s 50 states. Check it out: And here is the full list in alphabetical order (per state:) Alabama: […]

Whovians Rejoice: A Line of Doctor Who-Themed Mr. Men Books Coming Soon

Growing up I loved the Mr. Men books series. They were simple, colorful stories that catered to all kinds of personalities, from the shy to the outgoing. Growing up I also always loved Doctor Who, so to see someone has mashed the two together makes me a very happy Whovian. Ever wondered what the myriad […]

The Story of Satoshi Tajiri, Creator of the Pokémon Franchise

This is the beautifully told (and animated!) story of Satoshi Tajiri, creator of the Pokémon franchise. A must-watch! Once upon a time, a young boy loved to collect bugs. The Pokémon game series is built upon the ideas of Satoshi Tajiri, the founder of Game Freak. Over the course of his career, Satoshi has been […]

Can you solve the prisoner boxes riddle?

Can you solve the prisoner boxes riddle? Watch the video and find out! Your favorite band is great at playing music…but not so great at being organized. They keep misplacing their instruments on tour, and it’s driving their manager mad. Can you solve the brain-numbing riddle their manager assigns them and make sure the band […]