The Legendary Jon Stewart is Returning to The Daily Show

In a surprising twist for fans of late-night television, Jon Stewart, the iconic former host of The Daily Show, is set to make a comeback to the Comedy Central staple, covering the 2024 election. Following the departure of Trevor Noah in 2022 and a year of guest hosts, Stewart’s return has been eagerly anticipated by […]

Get Almost ALL of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Novels for Just $18 Instead of $401! (And Support Charity!)

Do you love Terry Prachett’s Discworld universe? Or maybe you’ve heard how amazing his novels are and want to read them? For the incredible price of just $18 instead of $401, you can get almost all Discworld novels (That’s 39 novels!) And the best thing about this offer? You’ll even be supporting the Room to […]

Sanjeev Bhaskar reads Spike Milligan’s hilarious letter home during WWII

From Letters Live: During World War II, Spike Milligan famously served as a signalman with the Royal Artillery. He wrote home often, and in September 1943, secretly stationed in Italy, he sent the following letter to his family. Sanjeev Bhaskar joined us at the Letters Live 10th anniversary show in November 2023 at the Royal […]

The Real-World Inspirations Behind Lord of the Rings

J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit adventure that preceded it are full-fledged mythologies and histories unto themselves, making it a little strange to discuss the impact of real-world mythology and history on Tolkien’s saga. But the list of historical references in The Lord of the Rings is long and the […]

Krampusnacht – A Cautionary Carol Inspired by John Williams

From Hildegard von Blingin’: Joyous Yule, everyone! Krampusnacht was on December 5th, but it’s never too late to caution your children not to go wandering in the woods. This piece was inspired by “Double Trouble”, which was written by John Williams using Shakespeare’s words. I wrote the lyrics and tune for this as a sort […]