Stranger Things Episodes Edited On Netflix

The co-creators of Stranger Things have confirmed they have gone back to edit past episodes of the show. They described the episodes as having been “George Lucas-ed.” Speaking to Variety, Matt and Ross Duffer said they weren’t going to reveal details of the edits to past seasons but noted obsessive fans could find them by […]

Game Boy Screen Becomes Art Venue

A recent Finnish art exhibition harnessed an unusual medium: the Game Boy screen. “Memory Limits” at the Finnish Museum of Games challenged artists to create a work that could be displayed on the handheld console’s 160 x 144 pixel screen. They had only four colours to work with, each a shade of green. The museum […]

French Government Bans English Gaming Terms

The French government has banned staff from using English terms from the video games world. It’s ordered them to use French equivalents in official documents. Mandatory alternatives include some literal translations such as “jeu video en nuage” for “cloud gaming” and some more creative alternatives such as “joueur-animateur en direct” (roughly “live player-host“) for “streamer”. […]