Tardis Cat House [Pics]

For the Crazy Cat Whovian in you, a custom made Tardis Cat House. Created by tardisbuilder member astromark for his cat Kayee. [via tardisbuilders.com] Advertisements


Motorized Fan-Made Iron Man Mark 7 Armor [Video]

I look at a lot of pictures of costumed people every day, and after seeing this I can safely say that this is the single most impressive fan-made costume I’ve ever seen. Period. [Source: Master Le | Via OW]

Beautiful: The Hobbit Song by Allie Goertz [Video]

Youtuber Allie Goertz, whom we already featured twice in the past on Geeks are Sexy (here and here,) just sent me this absolutely beautiful song she wrote about the Hobbit entitled, “The Hobbit Song”. Enjoy everyone! Megan Barrett and I sing a song I wrote inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. The song starts from […]

Texting Can Help Fix Teen Problems

Nancy Lublin organises a social change website called DoSomething.org, which focuses on enlisting teens to make a difference in the world. When DoSomething changed tactics to start focusing on SMS-based marketing, it unexpectedly started receiving texts from troubled teens reaching out for someone to talk to. She’s setting up a text-only crisis hotline to allow […]

Open Access vs. Paid Access: A Problem Even in the Academic World

Anyone who’s participated in a Google vs. Apple debate (or cat fight) would be quite intimately aware of the open access vs. paid access arguments when it comes to technology. Well it seems Ivy League schools are coming across a similar tension in academic journals. Harvard University writes that they simply cannot continue subscriptions to […]

Amazing Kaleidoscopic Dance: The Power of X [Video]

Dancers + camera + kaleidoscope = this infinitely gorgeous short video. (Watch in 1080p fullscreen if you can.) It’s made for TEDxSummit, an unprecedented gathering of TEDx organizers from around the world– and the video celebrates “the power of x” to multiply great ideas. [TED]

WTH Japan! – You Will Die in Seven Days After Throwing This Pitch

There are two things I know for certain about the Japanese: they love baseball and they don’t give a crap about pissing off vengeful spirits. As we learned last week, baseball is as Japanese as takoyaki. On April 25th, the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters (I can’t make this stuff up) participated in one of the most […]

Playing WOW Can Help You Get Some [Video]

+ Apparently, playing World of Warcraft can help you get some. I’m not sure where those stats come from, but hey, if Lou Ferrigno says it, it must be true! What do you guys think? True or False? Thanks Greg!