Jason Heuser’s Kickass Art [Pics]

Grand Rapids, MI, artist Jason Heuser knows how to stir passion inside a geek’s heart. How could he not do so with pieces such as George Washington ZombieHunter, Teddy Roosevelt VS. Bigfoot, or even Abe Lincoln Riding a Grizzly? You can check out Jason’s deviantart profile right here, or buy prints of his awesome art […]

QUESTION: How many of these sci-fi weapons can you identify? [Picture]

The artist who drew this is offering a bunch of prizes to the first 10 people who can identify all 26 weapons illustrated in this picture. How many can you spot? [Source]

80 Days, 8000 Photos [Video]

This one’s for all you photography geeks out there. Photographer Trey Ratcliff put together this amazing video of various trips he did around the world (Burning Man, England, Paris, Spain, China, Hunan, and New Zealand.)  The video also features “One Night In Rio” by Louie Austen, which goes along quite well with the presented imagery.

Rainn Wilson and James Gunn (Super) Meet Real-Life Superhero Phoenix Jones

You guys remember Phoenix Jones? That real-life superhero that patrols the streets of Seattle looking for villains? Well Mr. Jones, along with his crime-fighting buddy Pitch Black, made a surprise appearance at Emerald City Comic con during a panel featuring Rainn Wilson and James Gunn. Hilarity ensues. [Via TDW]

Game Of Thrones: A Voyage Throughout Westeros

HBO has recently released a new featurette taking viewers on a trip throughout Westeros and beyond, across the narrow sea. Now let’s just hope Mr. Martin doesn’t pull a Robert Jordan on us and lives long enough to finish his series. At least, he’s now done with the fifth book, with 2 other ones remaining […]

Geektastic Wizard Stamps [Pics]

Even though I don’t have a big thing for stamps like my pal Mark O’Neill, this new series of stamps from UK’s Royal Mail are definitely geek-worthy and worth a mention on this site. [Via TDW]

Balloon Tardis and Dalek [Pic]

In this case, Tardis stands for “Twisted And Radically Designed Inflated Structure” apparently! [Via our pals @ Nerdapproved]

Charlie Sheen: The New Chuck Norris? #tigerblood

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Charlie Sheen’s recent “exploits” by now, right? Well, it looks like Mr. Sheen is trying to become the new Chuck Norris, or something… “I don’t cook food, I will it?” Sounds awfully like a wannabe Chuck Norris quote to me! Drop it Charlie, you’ll never be as awesome as […]

Report claims lower prices the only solution to global piracy

What’s billed as the “first independent, large-scale study of music, film and software piracy in emerging economies” has come to a remarkably simple conclusion: people in poorer nations pirate content because buying it is too expensive. The main logic of the report by the Social Science Research Council is that media piracy comes about where […]

Comic book dealer faces ultimate punishment

An alleged methamphetamine dealer may have his comic book collection seized by the US government. But this isn’t just a case of the legal system taking away a couple of issues in the style of a disappointed parent disciplining a troublesome youth. Instead it’s a proposed seizure of around $500,000 in what prosecutors call criminal […]

Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy “Don’t Panic” Tattoo

*SPLAT* Hmmm I only one problem with that tattoo: Isn’t that vase supposed to be a bowl? [Via TDW]

Harry Potter: Facts Revealed [Infographic]

Check out this really awesome looking Harry Potter infographic by digital designer & illustrator Wayne Dorrington. Wayne is also the same guy who created that “iconoscope” version of Star Wars Episode IV we featured last month. [Source: I should really get out more]