Follow Up: Steam Punk Han Solo and Jabba

Bjorn Hurri, a graphic artist who created a series of Steam Punk styled Star Wars characters that we featured last month has come out with some additional renderings. While it’s very disturbing to see Jabba as a human, I feel the characteristics of  the Hutt gangster carried over well, and Han Solo now has some […]

Detroit to Get RoboCop Statue. City’s Pigeons Crap Themselves.

What’s the next best thing to a real super-human cyborg cop? A huge statue of one! And thanks to the mighty power of the Internet, that’s exactly what Detroit may be getting. On Monday, February 7th, a genius in Massachusetts tweeted this message to Detroit Mayor Dave Bing: Here’s the mayor’s response: That’s when the […]

I’m a Zombie, Baby [Video]

Ain’t nobody perfect, but as far as zombie love songs go, this one might be. Anyone else catch a Gym Class Heroes vibe from this? It’s just so catchy.

A Love Song For Jabba The Hutt

Artist Dimitris Samaras, aka JimSam-X, has taken the now internationalized geek sex symbol of Leia in her gold bikini and thrown in the otherworldly cartoon curves of Jessica Rabbit in his piece “A Love Song For Jabba The Hutt” [Via How To Carve Roast Unicorn]

Star Trek: The Animated Series Now Online (US only)

After the original Star Trek live-action series went into syndication, demand for new adventures on the Enterprise hit a fever pitch. To continue the popularity of the show, Filmation teamed up with Gene Roddenberry for an animated series featuring most of the original cast voicing their corresponding characters (the exception was Checkov, who was cut […]

Minas Tirith – The Matchsticks Edition

Using 420,000 matchsticks, hardcore hobbyist Patrick Acton recreated this amazing reproduction of LOTR’s Minas Tirith city. The model is currently on display at the Matchstick Marvels Tourist Center in Gladbrook, IA. [Via]

Man vs. Shadow Army: Fight! [Video]

Check out the following video featuring Japanese actor Taichi Saotone as he fights his way through an army of shadow clouds, and then, against his own shadow self. Enjoy!

Just Ask Greedo [Picture]


Beauty, Brains and Badassery: The Sexiest Geek Girls Alive

Here at Geeks are Sexy, we pride ourselves on knowing what constitutes a genuine sexy geek girl. After many long hours of strenuous research and careful scientific analysis, we’ve developed a complex method to determine whether a girl is actually a sexy geek. First, we determine if she does geek stuff (science, technology, gaming, etc.). […]

The X-Men Family Tree [Pic]

I’m not gonna lie: I forgot about Nate Grey and Stryfe. (And don’t characters in the X-Men universe have the best names? C’mon, the guy is named Azazel.) I’m sure some of you Geeks know these things better than I do, though. Any surprises here? [source]

Watson Wins!

“A supercomputer that soundly thrashed two of humankind’s most successful players at their own game.” “What is Watson?” Yes, after taking a strong lead after day two, IBM’s machine took a resounding win at the end of the third and final day of its Jeopardy challenge. Final score: Watson $77,147, Ken Jennings $24,000, Brad Rutter […]

Let’s Celebrate: All Your Base Are Belong To Us Turns Ten Today!

Yep geeks, the Internet’s first big meme turns ten today! Somebody set us up a cake… or something. [Via]