The Sounds of Star Wars

Any Star Wars fan can mimic Darth Vader’s voice or Chewbacca’s roar with ease. But how many of them would be able to identify the lion’s roar used in the sound of the Millenium Falcon’s engine? In this aurally astonishing and visually engaging book, New York Times best-selling author J. W. Rinzler reveals the illuminating […]

Lord Vader and C-3PO Firefighter Helmets [Picture]

Those two firefighter helmets were worn by German and French firefighters during the mid-19th century and up until World War I. They look a bit familiar, don’t they? [Via]

The Most Epic Lightsaber Duel Ever [Video]

This super awesome mashup of Star Wars and The Princess Bride is called the Chatty Duelists and was created by VFXFreak to learn a special effect program… but it ended up as one of the most epic lightsaber battle I’ve ever seen. Check it out: Please note that those outside the U.S. might not be […]

Galactica Cylon Theme on an Eigenharp

The Eigenharp is a modern electronic instrument that looks like the offspring of a sitar that had an affair with a Gravitron carnival ride. It can be used to layer several effects, drum rhythms and instruments at the same time, and in my opinion is the geekiest of all instruments. How do we take that […]

Vader Doesn’t Like Bullies [Pic]

Artist Stephen Hayford created this awesome photo montage to honor Katie Goldman, a little girl that got bullied at school because she had a Star Wars water bottle. [Via Buzzfeed]

Game On in 2011: Use a Condom Every Time! [Video]

To promote safe sex practices among teenagers, the Leicestershire Teenage Pregnancy Partnership created this cute and funny 8-bit PSA titled “Game On.” [Via TDW]

These are not the shoes you’re looking for…

So probably ever since Phantom Menace came out it’s been cool to like Star Wars. Everyone’s jumping on the wagon it seems nowadays and George has been cashing in on it ever since. Remember the good ol’ days when it was just lunchboxes, backpacks and action figures? Now you’ve got clothing by Marc Ecko. Which […]

Apple’s app store policy facing court challenge

Regular readers will know we’ve covered plenty of stories about Apple’s approval policy for inclusion in the iTunes App Store: a policy that has seemed inconsistent to say the least. Now one company is threatening to take the matter to court. Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet recently developed an iPad app that aimed to repackage the […]

Geeks from History: Napoleon

By Sterling “Chip” Camden Contributing Writer, [GAS] While manipulating the French Revolution for his own ends and conquering Europe in his spare time, Napoleon Bonaparte was first and foremost a geek at heart. He was passionate about science and math. Napoleon remembered his early school days like many of us: “every one said of me: […]

Genuine Sonic Screwdriver in the Works

British engineers are exploring the possibility of a real-life sonic screwdriver. Bruce Drinkwater, professor of ultrasonics at Bristol University, doesn’t expect to make a working model particularly soon. But he’s working on at least proving the concept is possible. The idea is to build on existing work using ultrasonic forcefields to separate out diseased cells […]

Capitol Hill tired of reaching for the mute buttom

The days of unexpectedly loud TV commercials are numbered thanks to a bill that has just passed the US congress. The tenuously-named Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act (that is, CALM) tackles a problem that dates back to the beginnings of commercial television and has attracted attention on both sides of the Atlantic: that the commercials […]