I Speaky Good Engleesh

Yup, sometimes even the geeks get it wrong. Typos are ok, bad English just isn’t. We’ve got to curb this before we literally start talking gobbledegook. Brush up on your grammar with this infographic that spells out a few of the common mistakes in today’s world. As an extra exercise – this is one I […]

From Here to Barsoom: An Interview with Andrew Stanton, Director of “John Carter”

By J David Osborne Contributing Writer, [GAS] On the phone, director Andrew Stanton comes off as wildly enthusiastic for his soon-to-be-released adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ 1912 classic, John Carter. Burroughs wrote eleven of the Carter books, starting with A Princess of Mars, upon which this upcoming film is based. The books are written in […]