GeoVideos: How Many of These Movies Can YOU Name?

An animation by Evan Seitz which quizzes your movie knowledge. How many titles can you name?

Thanks Evan!


8 Responses to GeoVideos: How Many of These Movies Can YOU Name?

  1. I got:
    -American Psycho
    – El Mariachi (?)
    – Italian Job
    – Maltese Falcon
    – Good Morning Vietnam

    The octopus icon looks familiar, but not sure. Maybe a Bond movie?

  2. The icon was for either for Octopussy or the Smersh symbol, but the quote was from "From Russia With Love"
    I also spotted:
    Good Morning Vietnam
    Maltese Falcon
    Italian Job
    Desperado (rather than El Mariachi i think)
    What the Window Cleaner Saw??

    Not sure on the others

  3. American Psycho
    Once upon a time in mexico
    The English patient
    The outlaw Josey Wales
    The Italian job
    My big fat Greek wedding
    The Maltese Falcon
    From Russia with love
    Good morning Vietnam

  4. American Psycho
    Brazil (EPIC)
    .. Lawrence of Arabia… no idea
    The Outlaw Josey Wales
    Italian Job
    Windex!?…. no idea….
    Maltese Falcon
    Africa and a Bible… Hotel Rawanda? …no idea…
    Gotta love soft serve… no idea
    Good Morning Vietnam

  5. Spoilers : the cheat sheet is on his Vimeo page! 2 is once upon a time in Mexico: they all have to have the country IN the title.. Clever! :)

  6. All I got was the showing of Hollywoodland on the last one… Rocketeer. A few others in there I know as well, but figured I'd give out that one.

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