Zombie Mania Running Wild

A series of particularly horrific murders should normally spark fear, outrage, and a deadly serious response. But it turns out that when cannibalism is the theme, it’s an opportunity for tongue-in-cheek (so to speak) marketing and an unlikely official statement.

In early May, a Miami man attacked a homeless man and ate an estimated two-thirds of his face. The attacker — who was allegedly under the influence of bath salts of all substances — was shot dead while the victim is to have reconstructive facial surgery.

Since the attack, there have been several reports of cannibalism-based attacks, including a Maryland college student eating the heart and brains of a victim, a Texan mother eating the brain and toes of her newborn child, and a Swedish professor cutting off and eating the lips of his wife after suspecting an affair.

Perhaps inevitably it’s led to the phrase “zombie apocalypse” being thrown about all over the media. Because cannibalism (and zombie behavior specifically) isn’t usually listed as a cause of death in official figures, it’s hard to tell if this is a particularly busy period for such attacks, let alone anything more than a freaky coincidence. After all, once you’ve had a couple of such attacks reported nationally, journalists are much more likely to look out for such stories and then cover them.

Still, brutal and horrendous as such attacks are, one company is cashing in. Ammo supplier Hornady is promoting the Z-MAX bullet range, available in a series of different sizes. It supposedly has an “ultra-flat trajectory” that will “make dead permanent.”

The bullets, which the company openly admits are a marketing gimmick based on its founder’s love of zombie flicks, have apparently become the best-selling product on the company’s site.

Meanwhile the Center for Disease Control has been drawn into the affair. It’s previously attracted publicity with a spoof guide (pictured above) to surviving a zombie apocalypse. Now a spokesman for the agency has assured the Huffington Post there’s nothing to worry about:

“CDC does not know of a virus or condition that would reanimate the dead (or one that would present zombie-like symptoms.)”


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  1. “CDC does not know of a virus or condition that would reanimate the dead (or one that would present zombie-like symptoms.)”

    That's because the zombie movies had it wrong. Haven't you seen the news lately? Poeple on drugs eating other poeples faces and stuff. The zombie apocolypse will begin from that drug. So save the world. Shoot the people who deal this new drug in the face with a shotgun…. (Cause they may already be zombies and we all know the only way to kill a zombie for sure is a shotgun to the head.)

    All joking aside it's the Robopocalypse we should really be worried about. Webcams on computers… Thats just giving it eyes to study your habits and plan it's attack.

  2. By "bath salts" are referring to a synthetic drug with a high similar to meth (according to some people). They market them as not for human consumption bath salts so they don't have to be approved by the FDA. In a similar way that synthetic cannabis-like products like K2 are marketed as incense. These are not safe and cause a range of undesired effects.

    I say that because in the post the author seemed to not know what was meant by "bath salts".

  3. Doesn't anybody see the basic flaw in this entire argument? The news has it wrong, the intertubes has it wrong, everybody has it wrong. We're talking about *cannibalism* here, not zombieism. Zombies are reanimated corpses, which are not necessarily cannibals. A cannibal is a human being (or any animal) that has a taste for the flesh of its own species, which, BTW is more common than you think. A few cases pop up in the last year or so, and suddenly we're selling zombie-proof bullets?? Human cannibalism goes back to the dawn of time. Primitive tribes have been known to eat the hearts of their vanquished foes, to get their strength, and some still do. Some are just hungry. There's the Donner Party, the Packer Party, Ed Gein, The soccer players in the Andes, Jeffrey Dahmer, etc., etc. It's so common, it actually surprises me that we've only now begun to develop a meme over this. I honestly think it's just wishful thinking. I love zombie movies, and one of my guilty fantasies would be a scenario where you could easily tell who you could kill, and a horde of flesh eating decaying dead people would be a free-fire zone. You could pillage gun stores, pharmacies, home supply stores, and whatever you needed — provided somebody else didn't get there first, and cleaned it out, or you didn't have to fight hostile humans for the spoils.The breakdown of society is the real fantasy here. Just look at the most popular video games on the market. The real trip is ANARCHY.

  4. Well, someone hopped up on a speed or X type drug, or even adrenaline might not respond immediately to what I can only assume were 9mm rounds.

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