OMG THEY EXIST: Officially Licensed Back to the Future 2 Light Up Shoes

Yep, these are totally real and they’re currently for sale right here. (size 6 to 14 available!) The shoes you wear say a lot about who you are. Marty McFly’s shoes say, “I’m a time jumping adventurer with style that’s literally ahead of my time.” You used to have to borrow a DeLorean time machine […]

Montreal Comic Con 2014 in Photos – Part II [Picture Gallery]

As I mentioned yesterday, I was at Montreal Comic Con 2014 last Saturday and took plenty of photos of cosplayers attending the event. Here is the second part of my pictures from Montreal Comic Con 2014. As usual, if you recognize yourself in one of these pictures, be sure to let me know by leaving […]

For Mandalore! – Awesome Mandalorian Cosplay Duo by Kimette and Jef [Picture Gallery]

Proof that you don’t have to be in your twenties to enjoy cosplay, here are my friends Kimette and Jef cosplaying as a Mandalorian merc duo. If you want to meet Kimette, she’ll be at Montreal Comic Con on September 13th at the 501st stand (Forteresse impériale du Québec). Hey, even Canadian politician and current […]