Artemis Crock @ Megacon 2012 [Pic]

Cosplayer: Amaya Kumikai Picture: David Ng [Via]

FCBD Costume Contest – VOTE!

If you missed Free Comic Book Day (like I did…sadface), don’t fear – your chance to participate in some small capacity so it feels like you didn’t completely miss it is still available to you! All Star Comics in Melbourne, Australia had quite an epic turnout for the day where they doled out free comics […]

I’m Making a Note Here: Huge Success [Pic]

GLaDOS (Portal 2) as cosplayed by Tenori-Tiger. Photo by Tooniegirl. [Via]

King of America?

Someone posted this on a friend’s wall on Facebook and I had to post it. This New Yorker seems to want to give Captain America a run for his money I think as “King of America”. Apparently he shows up at rallies all dressed up and awesome like this. I think I’d get more passionate […]

My Day As A Cosplay Model Part 3: The Waiting Game

By Meredith Placko Contributing Writer, [GAS] –My Day As a Cosplay Model Part 1 –My Day As a Cosplay Model Part 2 The first thing I do after returning home from my photo shoot with Thomas Dodd is strip off the eight layers of makeup. Becoming the Queen of Albion is not an easy task. […]

Boston Comic Con 2012 in Pictures [Cosplay]

[GAS] reader Bill Hinsee attended Boston Comic Con 2012 a little more than a week ago and sent me some pretty good pictures of various cosplayer he immortalized via his digital camera. I invite you to check some of our favorites in the picture gallery below. Note: All these pictures were released under a CC […]

Amazing Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Cosplay [Pic]

I love the fact that a lady is hiding behind this costume. It makes it oh so much more sexy imho. [Source: AKIOMI | Via]

R2-D2 Ballerina [Pic]

I’ve had this awesome picture featuring Leeloo, a fashion designer at J!NX, sitting in my draft folder for months, and for some reason I can’t explain, completely forgot about until now. Shame on me. -Posted with permission from Leeloo (J!NX).

MARVELous Fashions

It’s no secret that I’m a fashionista. For as much time as I spend reading comics and saving space, I waste equal amounts scoping out the latest fashion trends. The idea that being a nerd somehow means you’re stuck wearing baggie comic book tees (which I usually turn into dresses) and raggedy jeans is an […]

Link Gender Bender Cosplay [Pic]

Thanks to my friends over at Geekxgirls for the pic! [Geekxgirls]

It’s-a Me, Maria! [Pic]

This, ladies and gentlegeeks, is Enji Night, whom we featured on [GAS] in the past for her awesome Lady Firefox and Supergirl costumes, cosplaying as a gender bender version of Mario. So geeks, which version do you prefer, this one, or the one we posted as part of our C2E2 post? [Enji Night | Via]

Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) in Pictures [Cosplay Gallery]

My pal Rich from Aggressive Comix went to the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) last weekend and caught some pretty good shots of cosplayers attending the event. We also have a few ones from Anna Fischer (CC), who never fails to deliver when it comes to cosplay photography. Check it out! [Picture Sources: Aggressive […]