D.I.Y. COSPLAY: ‘Dune’ Sandworm

…or even a Sarlacc one! …or throw some stripes and eyeballs on and you’ve got a Beetlejuice cosplay! How To Do It (from Instructables user canida’s directions): “The clever costume design begins with a $13 kid’s-play tunnel. After that, you need 6 yards of sandworm-tan fabric, mouth-pink fabric, posterboard, wire, and a large cardboard box. You will […]

Epic Costumes Galore at Blizzcon 2013 [Picture Gallery]

If there’s one event where cosplayers go over and beyond with their costumes, it’s most definitely Blizzcon! Unfortunately, the event was cancelled last year, but they’re back in strength in 2013! Check out some of the awesome costumes that photographer Martin Wong (With permission), Davann Srey (With Permission) and Chris Alcoran (CC) captured via their […]