Five Minutes of Googlefail

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] 00:30 Refresh gmail. 00:40 Refresh gmail again. 00:45 Refresh gmail again. 01:00 Twitter about how gmail is down. 01:30 Go to Google search bar on Firefox and type “gmail basic html.” 01:40 Go to 02:00 (Like an idiot) type in Google search bar “google is down.” 02:10 Cry […]

Porn at Work? Hacking!

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] According to an Ohio Court of Appeals, uploading nude photographs of yourself using your work computer is indeed felony hacking – because it may constitute “unauthorized access” to that computer, or rather, with respect to an amendment to the law, “exceeding the scope of authorization to access a computer.” […]

Facebook: Now with Lens Flares!

Just a short post this morning to let you know about a little trick my pal Shea passed me over my Facebook feed this morning. Log in to Facebook Do this on your keyboard: UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A *ENTER* (Yeah, that’s the Konami Code) Now just scroll up and […]

RSS is Dead; Long Live RSS!

By Sterling “Chip” Camden Contributing Writer, [GAS] Steve Gillmor says that RSS is dead.   As a member of the RSS Advisory Board, I feel compelled to inform Mr. Gillmor that his pronouncement is a bit premature. Gillmor’s point seems to be that people no longer directly consume RSS feeds through their feed readers – that […]

Goats Invade Silicon Valley

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] So Google is getting in on the whole “going green” thing by foregoing the “noisy mowers that run on gasoline and pollute the air” in favor of renting a bunch of goats to chew on the lawn at the company headquarters in Mountain View. Two hundred of them hang […]