Discussion Group Shows Geeks are Social

How can fictional stories incorporate technology? What does the future hold for Wikipedia’s sister projects? And is it fair to say that social media sucks? These are just some of the questions which were under discussion at the latest meeting of Brrism, a group based in Bristol, England, which brings together people from a diverse […]

A Date with a Dragon Down the Carpal Tunnel

So you might have noticed that I’ve gone quiet the last couple of weeks. All signals have been cut, so to speak, since I’ve got the geeky equivalent of a mogul skier’s torn ACL: that is, carpal tunnel syndrome (or, perhaps, RSI). It blows. In every respect it sucks. It’s all-encompassing pain, and it’s a […]

Can you get an iPhone for 33% less?

Fans of style, beauty and multi-function convergence should be warned that this article may not make for pretty reading. But thanks to a range of gadgets, it is indeed possible in some circumstances to get most of the functionality of an iPhone at a far lower cost. For this exercise, the idea is to still […]

Blaise Aguera y Arcas demos augmented-reality maps

In a demo that drew gasps at TED2010, Microsoft Live Labs architect Blaise Aguera y Arcas demos a new augmented-reality mapping technology that is being implemented within Bing Maps right now. Check it out:

Google hypes 1Gb broadband

Google is preparing to test a 1 gigabit broadband service in the US. Just to recap, that’s 1000 megabits per second. Put another way, that’s the theoretical ability to download a DVD in 37 seconds. The plan is to work in partnership with local and state governments to set-up fiber-optic networks reaching between 50,000 and […]

Google Buzz Spoof

I don’t know what it is with Google products, but as soon as the company releases something new, it always takes less than 24 hours before people start releasing spoofs about said products on the web. The following one makes fun of Google Buzz, which we quite like by the way!

So why *did* Google buy a TV slot?

Two days later and people are still wondering why exactly Google chose to advertise on television for the first time during the SuperBowl. But while the commercial probably won’t have introduced Google to anyone for the first time, there are still some valid reasons to have made the move: It got people talking. Most of […]

Google Ad Spoof: Is Tiger Woods Feeling Lucky Today?

As Tiger Woods recovers from a car accident and contends with reports of philandering, Slate V imagines what the golfing great might be typing into that familiar white search bar (with apologies to Google’s new ad campaign). [Via TechEblog]

Verizon Wireless blocking is un4chanate for board users

Controversial message board site 4chan claims it has been blocked by Verizon Wireless. It’s the second time it has made such a claim against a major internet provider, following on from similar accusations against AT&T last summer. If you’ve never come across 4chan, it’s technically a collection of image-sharing boards, though one such board (known […]

We Love xkcd

You  may remember the Discovery Channel’s very popular jingle I Love the World. Randall Munroe of xkcd was inspired and did his own version featuring memes from his webcomic. Then Elaine Doyle and Olga Nunes produced a video that recreates xkcd’s comic using the original tune, featuring a cast of prominent and not-so-prominent bloggers. Neil […]

Google Nexus One: Display & 3D Framework

A conversation on the display and 3D framework of the Nexus One, featuring Tomasz hasinski, project manager at HTC, and Romain Guy, software engineer for the Android platform. Part 1 of this series: Concept & Design

“Parisian Love”: Possible Google Superbowl Ad?

Even though Google’s true business as always been about advertising, the company mostly stayed away from the biggest ad medium of them all, television. However, it seems that the search giant will be airing an ad during the biggest TV event of the season: Superbowl XLIV Yesterday, Google CEO Eric Schmidt posted a short message […]