Don’t Step in the Hot!

By Jimmy Rogers (@me) Contributing Writer, [GAS] When social media first emerged, it was more or less a chaotic system where the most popular content floated around through many, many blogs and websites.  Nowadays, though, a majority of that content is hosted on the “big names” of video storage: YouTube, Vimeo, and others.  This makes […]

Ever Wonder What English Sounds Like to Foreigners?

By Jimmy Rogers (@me) Contributing Writer, [GAS] Well you could ask our French-speaking blog boss, Yan, for his take…but why waste a perfect opportunity to watch a viral video? This crazy song was written by Adriano Celantano in 1972 to show English-speakers what they sound like to un-comprehending foreigners.  If you kind of zone out […]

The Chrome Wars

So Google’s little browser, Chrome, has knocked Safari out of the third-place position, making up 4.4% marketshare among browsers, just barely eking it out over Safari at 4.37%. Sure, those are small potatoes compared to Internet Explorer and Firefox, but still significant. The jump is mostly due the release last week of Chrome for Mac, […]

Top 100 Youtube Hits of All Time

How many can you recognize?

Mozilla Flirts with Bing. Bing Approves.

A few days ago, there was this. And today, we see this: Simple coincidence? I think not.

Steampunk Gift Ideas

There’s a certain aesthetic that goes hand in hand with steampunk—the brass, the cogs, the gears, the glass. Part magic, part science, part history, it’s become one of the more recognizable subcultures in a long time. It’s inherently geeky and sexy. But, for me anyway, real steampunk artistry is beyond just looking good. It’s about […]

Awesome New Google Chrome Promo Video

The folks at Google have just released an awesome new video promoting the Chrome browser with its many features. Check it out: [Download Google Chrome]

Brits hit with special tax to pay for broadband

The British government has confirmed it will introduce a tax on phone lines, designed to fund expansion of broadband services across the vast majority of the country. But the electoral timetable makes it questionable how long the tax would apply for, if at all. The aim of the tax is to subsidize extending broadband to […]

The Internet Is…

Some rather surprising revelations about what the Internet truly is: Did you know that the Internet is just a bunch of fax machines expressing the thoughts of someone who lived 8,000 years ago? [Via BuzzFeed]

$499: the price of a blogger-techies feud

What do you get when you cross a leading blogger, a technology idea and a copyright dispute? Unfortunately the answer is a product so overpriced as to be pointless. Last year, Michael Arrington (pictured) of TechCrunch (a major blog which has its content republished to the Washington Post) began work on an idea he had […]

… has just been scammed in FarmVille!

Even for those of you who don’t play Zynga’s Facebook games, if you’re on the social networking site at all, you’ve definitely heard of them. Because you’ve probably seen a lot of updates like this: “Jane found a sad, lonely black kitten on their farm! Oh no!” or “John just conjured up a few too […]

Free Snail-Mail Postcards Courtesy of Google

It’s hard to get surprised in the era of “right here, right now.” I mean, receiving emails from relatives and friends is pretty common these days, so even if it’s for a special occasion such as Christmas, we tend to shrug them off pretty easily. But getting a real postcard in your mailbox? Well, there’s […]