Breakdown of Internet Arguments [Pic]

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Website fights back in copyright legal row

The owners of a website that was the subject of a controversial court blocking order say they’ve found a way to defy the order. Earlier this year, a leading British internet provider was ordered to block its subscribers from accessing Newzbin following a lawsuit by the Motion Picture Association. That was a particularly contentious ruling […]

Awesome New Google Product: Google Flight Search

Google has just added a new flight search feature to its line of search products, and I must say, from what I’ve seen so far, It looks quite useful. You can try it out for yourself right here.

If Web Browsers Were Women [Pic]

Illustrator Moie “Eskimoie” Preisenberger has drawn a series of beautiful ladies based on different browser logos. Check it out! [Via G.TDW]

Posting Facebook Statuses [Cartoon]

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XXX domain sellers take it both ways

It was already known that if you paid enough cash, you could get a new adult .XXX domain associated with your name or brand. Now it turns out that for up to $300 you can make sure it isn’t. ICM Registry, the company that is overseeing the use of the domain through local registrars, has […]

Monopoly + Foursquare = Foursquaropoly

In order to bring the board game back to life, we introduce Foursquaropoly, a gaming app which uses Foursquare to make you the game piece and your city the board. [Foursquaropoly | Via Laughing Squid]