Google is a Hungry Beast [Video]

Meet Google. The noun that became a verb. The world’s favorite search engine, and the company whose motto is “Don’t be evil…” [Via MUO]

Gaming Goes to the Clouds

I would use the phrase the BBC did, but I’m sick of hearing of ___ killers in general. ( I’ll believe it when I see it, y’know?) But regardless of terminology, BBC News had a very interesting little piece in their technology section this morning about OnLive, an internet-based gaming company that essentially kicks the […]

The LXD: In the Internet Age, Dance evolves…

In the following video, the LXD (the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers) electrifies the TED2010 stage with an emerging global street-dance culture, revved up by the Internet. In a preview of Jon Chus upcoming Web series, this astonishing troupe show off their superpowers.

Facebook Abuse

In the following video, office drone Greg lays down the law to office workers for proper and improper Facebook use. Enjoy!

Breaking News: The “Star Wars Kid” – Where Is He Now?

His image is now the stuff of legend: Ghyslain Raza, the Star Wars kid, aged 15, got the attention and ridicule of the Internet—especially its geek contingent—when footage of him wielding a golf ball retriever and fending off a horde of invisible vicious enemies surfaced. Granted, we geeks were a little less harsh. But unfortunately […]

Scribe SEO WordPress Plugin: SEO Made Simple and Effective

I know for a fact that MANY of our readers are bloggers themselves, and among you, a lot use WordPress as their blogging platform of choice. What I’m going to show you today will not only help you get more traffic from search engines, but will do so without you having to compromise on the […]

Put a Spark into your Presentations with Ignite

If you’ve sat through many presentations, you’ll know there are two common problems with them: over-long ones, and others where the speaker pauses and plays about with his Powerpoint slides before explaining each one in excruciating detail. Both those problems go out the window in a format being celebrated across the planet this week. Ignite […]

Peering Into the Shifting Map of the Internet

We use the Internet every day. Some of us work by virtue of the Internet—even our business lives are conducted online. And for many, especially the geeks among us who jumped on the bandwagon early, using the Internet is simply a part of life, something we might take for granted, just another utility like water […]

Life Before Google [Comic]

A short story about a forgotten era: [Via Buzzfeed]

Geeks Are Sexy Featured on Discovery News Podcast

By Jimmy Rogers (@me) Contributing Writer, [GAS] A few weeks ago we received a message from the fantastic guys over at the Discovery News Friday Feedbag podcast.  It seems one of their loyal listeners passed along a story of ours and they liked it so much they asked us if we’d like to do a little interview […]

You Are Invited to a Funeral

Even though the date of death is March 1, 2010. If you cannot attend, you may leave your remembrances. [via Metafilter]

Planning for your pet’s care when you’re gone — way gone

By Sterling “Chip” Camden Contributing Writer, [GAS] In recent years, the web has draped its sticky silk over most of our lives.  There’s a web site now for just about every social interaction, business transaction, coming attraction, and useless distraction in which people may engage.  Yet startups still keep finding opportunities that have not been […]