Space Jam Website is Still Online

One of the great things I love about the Internet is how we can find information on just about any topic. As a film geek, I find myself entrenched in movie news and exploring the official websites of films to see how they are promoted and just what trickery they will use to make me want to see their movies.

Of course, promotional websites are not new. Pretty much all big Hollywood studios are very eager for you to see their cleverly designed websites with tidbits and teasers of your favourite franchises. Some of the websites are pure entertainment in themselves. A lot of money goes into designing and promoting these visual extravaganzas.

But like the old adage says, you only truly learn from your mistakes. And a while ago I was introduced to what I think was the first in a long line of lessons. That mistake was the official Warner Brothers website for Space Jam – which is still online to this day!

You remember Space Jam right? It was an animated/live action scifi romp with the Warner Brothers gang of characters like Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny teaming up with basketball legends Michael Jordan and Wayne Knight in an epic basketball showdown…. in SPACE!

Visiting the easily memorized URL at will bring you to the official website in all its HTML framed glory, with animated gifs, repeated tiled backgrounds and all suitable for viewing on your 640×480 resolution CRT VGA monitor.

This looks like something my 9 year old can design now, but at the time this was pretty awesome. I mean, they didn’t have much to work with in 1996 and it had to be optimized to download on your 9600baud dialup modem.

But think of the bright side here. There is no flash on the site, so it is fully functional on your iPhone!