Christmas Lunacy with Jean-Luc Picard

John C. Worsley has a thing for Star Trek and Christmas. For years now, he’s been editing Star Trek clips to fashion 23rd-century versions of classic Christmas songs. Now he’s taken on the challenge of recreating Mariah Carey’s mega-hit “All I Want for Christmas is You,” sung by Captain Jean-Luc Picard. The entire song is […]

Star Trek and Buffy: Adult Coloring Books Just Keep Getting Cooler and Cooler

I will be completely honest with you all here. When the “adult coloring book” phase first hit I was kind of taken aback by it. Adults sitting at a table coloring quietly for hours made no sense to me. Then I remembered that adulting sucks, and coloring is the perfect escape from that. True stress […]

6 Things To Consider When Spending Your Paycheck On A ‘Star Trek’ Tricorder

So it finally happened. A proper tricorder from Star Trek has been replicated and made purchasable by the public. This means Star Trek nerds who have been waiting ages for this can now die content, but considerably poorer. You see, this is no toy. No, this is a replica that is about as spot-on as […]

10 Villains Who Were Supposed To Come Back….But Never Did

Here is the general rule about ‘pain in the butt’ bad guys (from movies, TV, and gaming). True villains never die. They never really go away. They may vanish for a bit or lull an audience into a false sense of security, but that’s their job. The reality is, when you LEAST want to see […]

Star Trek: Axanar’s Kickstarter hits goal in 14 hours

Star Trek: Axanar’s Kickstarter launched Saturday to raise funds for the planned short film, Prelude to Axanar. They had set the goal at a conservative $10,000. Given that it was a 30-day fundraiser, they expected that they would likely meet their needed numbers during the month. Little did they know that it would be reached […]