Tragic News for All the Universe: Star Trek Actor Anton Yelchin Dead at 27


This is crappy news. There is no way to sugar coat or make it any easier to swallow. Sad as it is to say, it needs to be said and heard. Actor Anton Yelchin (best known as Chekov in the recent Star Trek reboot) was killed this weekend in a freak accident. It seems late Saturday night the talented young actor got crushed by his own car. We know it sounds strange, but they are ruling out homicide and think it was just an accident. Yelchin may have left his car in gear while retrieving his mail and the car pinned him. It was late and no one was around, and by the time his friends found him, it was too late.

From Charlie Bartlett to the amazing Only Lovers Left Alive, do not write Yelchin off as just the “Russian guy” from Star Trek, as he has a body of work that reflects just how massive a loss this really is. He was extremely talented, and sadly, now we will never know just what he was capable of. Even more tragic when you figure out it probably could have been easily avoided. Alas, the hand of fate sometimes deals cruel cards, and this is one such example.

Like we said, this sucks. Sorry to not put it more delicately but it does suck. Our prayers go out to his family and friends in this trying time.

Update: A touching tribute from Tumblr user Mrscratch0753:


(Image Via PageSix)