6 Things To Consider When Spending Your Paycheck On A ‘Star Trek’ Tricorder


So it finally happened. A proper tricorder from Star Trek has been replicated and made purchasable by the public. This means Star Trek nerds who have been waiting ages for this can now die content, but considerably poorer. You see, this is no toy. No, this is a replica that is about as spot-on as any fan could want. But with that, come a a hefty price tag. Topless Robot has some things to say before you plunk down all your weekly earnings:

The painful truth is that authentic props, particularly of the sci-fi variety, do not look in reality like anything you saw on screen. The Roddenberry Mark IX is made of metal, weighs as much as a small cat, and flips open to display a brilliant sound and light show captured right from the show, all for $499.95.

The real thing is available as well if you’re willing to hunt. The same model Tricorder, screen-used from an episode of Voyager, was listed on eBay at the time of my research. At a glance they look identical, even down to the images on the display, but with a construction out of resin, no function whatsoever, inkjet printed graphics and a starting bid of $3000, it’s easy to see why people would be more inclined to reach for the replica.

So though the call my be strong, be cautious. This is no minor investment (but if it is something you adore, well worth it).

[STAR TREK Starfleet TR-590 Mark IX Science Tricorder]

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