10 Villains Who Were Supposed To Come Back….But Never Did


Here is the general rule about ‘pain in the butt’ bad guys (from movies, TV, and gaming). True villains never die. They never really go away. They may vanish for a bit or lull an audience into a false sense of security, but that’s their job. The reality is, when you LEAST want to see them again, they will probably reappear. Yet in some cases, you get bad guys or groups of bad guys who pose a threat and seem to have unfinished business, but you never hear from them again.

i09 has a piece right now about ten villains who did just that.¬†You will find the list is very sci-fi heavy, but that is generally because the science fiction world is the world with enough leniency that things like ‘coming back from the dead’ is accepted and not just laughed off like it would be on a drama show. So in that sense, it is even stranger some of these villains didn’t come back. or finish their plot lines.

Seriously, what was up with those blue gloves on Firefly?

[image and story via I09]