An Incredibly Interesting Fan Concept for Star Trek 3


I think we can agree that J.J. Abrams treatment of the rebooted Star Trek universe has been pretty badass so far. He’s injected a youthful energy into the series that was always lacking, whilst also making it still appealing to old school fans. But where to go with the rebooted series next is the real question.

One fan took to Reddit and revealed a rather intricate and fun fan concept he has for the next Star Trek movie, Star Trek 3, which we know next to nothing about so far. The best way I can explain this concept without ruining the read is, think old school Star Trek crossed with Guardians of the Galaxy. It might sound insane now, but read the concept before writing it off.

Extra points for the inclusion of “angry Spock.” I’d go watch that movie.

-Via Reddit, H/T to SuperPunch

Image Via ScreenRant

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