Star Trek and Buffy: Adult Coloring Books Just Keep Getting Cooler and Cooler


I will be completely honest with you all here. When the “adult coloring book” phase first hit I was kind of taken aback by it. Adults sitting at a table coloring quietly for hours made no sense to me. Then I remembered that adulting sucks, and coloring is the perfect escape from that. True stress relief for those of us who need it most:


And now the bevvy of adult coloring book options are amazing. I recently picked up a Harry Potter themed coloring book, and now Star Trek (original And Next Generation) are getting adult coloring books, and so is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. As a matter of fact here, print this pic out and take it for a test run. Your blood pressure will thank you. Trust me.


Look for the Buffy and Star Trek coloring books to drop around October (which is pretty sweet timing for a coloring book about vampires) from Dark Horse Comics.

Editor’s note: Other coloring books you guys might be interested in: Doctor Who Coloring Book, Firefly Coloring Book, Avatar Coloring Book.

(Shoutout to NerdApproved)

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