For the Adventurous: Mix Your Coke with Milk Because Science

So there is a ‘thing’ going around the interwebz right now about mixing coke with milk and what happens as a result. I, myself, am not sure it is something I would ever want to do, but apparently it is the “Coke and Mentos” of 2015. It is a reaction of the Phosphoric Acid contained […]

Slow Motion Video of Candle Wax Exploding Inside A Test Tube

We have talked about Taras Kulakov and Slow Mo Labs before and all the awesome stuff they do in HD and super slow motion so we can all see just HOW awesome is it. And while exploding a candle inside a test tube may not sound that exciting, the reality is, it’s pretty mind-blowing. But […]

We Are Closer Than Ever to Birth Control for Men

You knew it was just a matter of time. Women have to carry the babies and give birth and take birth control, and us guys do little in the whole process. Truth is, we get to do the fun part, and all the awful parts get delegated to the female. Well, that is about to […]

Hydra: This Creature Might be Immortal

It’s hard to imagine anything actually wanting to be immortal. Wanting to live on and on endlessly with no rest of cease to it all in sight. Look at how grumpy most vampires are, for example. But science may have finally discovered a creature that immortal. The aptly named Hydra. A creature that will blow […]

The Truth as to Whether or Not You Can Die From Sleep Deprivation

Many have wondered, many have spoken about it, but few know. Can sleep deprivation get so bad that it actually kills someone? All I can tell you before you read the article is, if you have sleep deprivation, stop reading now. This is NOT going to bring you any peace of mind (which might be […]

Why Do Cats Love Boxes So Much?

We’ve all seen it. There is an empty box somewhere and your cat comes into view, intrigued by it. First it may use a paw to touch it, then it might nuzzle its face up against it. Next thing you know, the cat is inside the box and seems to be about as content as […]

Ten Mind-Shattering Facts About Time

Time is an illusion put forth to control how we spend our days and ensure we do them as efficiently as possible. Or time is a unit of measurement, in the same way inches are a unit of measurement. Truth is, time is a mystery to us, even though we pretend we have a grasp […]

‘Be My Eyes’ Is A New App Helping the Visually Impaired See

We have apps that can make us have funny voices or make us look like zombies. We have apps that hold our hands and lead us to our destination, or help us meet people who we may have lots in common with. All these things are fun and useful, but what about apps that are […]