The 9 Weirdest Implications Of The Many Worlds Interpretation

The many worlds theory is astounding, and if you are on the site, you probably already know what it is. Crash course for those who don’t, we are on an infinite web of timelines, where each one plays out differently due to simple variables like decisions and timing. While many people (like ME) like to […]

9 Historical Mysteries Solved by Astronomy

Throughout history there have been strange moments that have happened that have been ensconced in mystery since they were first spoken of in hushed stories passed down from generation to generation. Did the first marathon runner really drop dead? Could Mary Shelley’s griping origin story for Frankenstein actually be true? While we may scoff at […]

Possible Scenarios That Could Destroy the Earth

We all know the earth could essentially be destroyed in a multitude of ways. We just like not thinking about it. We prefer to just imagine this rock floating in space with no issues whatsoever. If you are one of those people who doesn’t want to think about it, don’t watch this. For the rest […]

Adam Savage from ‘Mythbusters’ Recreated the Hedge Maze from ‘The Shining’

Say what you want about the Mythbusters guys, but they are nothing if not impressive. Lately, they have taken up some pop culture myths and have been working magic with them (the Simpsons episode being just one), but this time, Adam Savage does something mind-blowing (as if the stuff he normally does isn’t or something). […]

The 15 Strangest Holes on Earth

The very idea of a sink hole swallowing your car or even part of your town is scary and seems like something out of a movie. The kicker is, these things are real and happen with freakish frequency (as much as we would all like to pretend otherwise). Check out this video of the 15 […]

A Praying Mantis Performs Complex Choreography To Complete a Jump

Seeing how much actual work goes into a praying mantis jump, it makes me wonder why they would ever want to jump at all. Between the work that goes into that and the males being eaten by the females after sex, you can officially put “Praying Mantis” on the bottom of creatures I want to […]

How Do Jeans Get Blue? [Science Video]

Do you ever find yourself wondering why your jeans are blue? Are they sad? Are they attempting to match someone’s eyes? Like all good things, there is science and chemistry behind the whole thing that will have you looking at your jeans in a whole different light. Keep in mind, they will still be blue, […]

Photomath: The App That Does Your Math For You

I look at the Photomath app, and I get very sad. Not that it will make future generations stupid or any such nonsense. No, I am mad that it didn’t exist while I struggled through algebra. That was essentially a semester I spent barely treading water, and knowing this would exist one day would’ve eased […]