‘Be My Eyes’ Is A New App Helping the Visually Impaired See

be my eyes

We have apps that can make us have funny voices or make us look like zombies. We have apps that hold our hands and lead us to our destination, or help us meet people who we may have lots in common with. All these things are fun and useful, but what about apps that are TRULY improving the quality of life for those who need it? That is where ‘Be My Eyes’ comes in.

Be My Eyes‘ Is an app summed up in the picture above, and also in this wonderful article from Techcrunch that delves a little deeper into what the app can actually do:

Be My Eyes, a new Danish non-profit ‘startup’, has taken a commodity technology, the humble video call, and, by combining it with a community of sighted volunteers, used it as the basis for an iOS app that lets you help a visually-impaired person ‘see’ through their phone’s video camera.

Being big geeks and fans of tech here at GeeksAreSexy, this is the kind of stuff that makes us really happy about what we do. Apps that make us sound like we sucked helium when we talk are a great deal of fun, but it’s nice to see some lives getting changed and bettered in-between all the filler apps we use to pass time.

[Be My Eyes | Image Via LaughingSquid, Story Via TechCrunch]

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