10 Futurama Jokes That Will Make You Smarter


Futurama is an incredibly well written show that throws joke after joke at its audience, well aware that some of those jokes will only be picked up on by their brightest and most scientifically inclined fans. But it’s also clear to see the creators of the show enjoy that. Slipping in jokes that may fly over some of their audience’s head, knowing full well that it won’t fly over all of them.

i09 put together and awesome list of 10 Futurama jokes that will make you smarter (once you understand them better). The best part is, they did not just throw the jokes onto a list and that’s that. They explain the science behind the jokes to the members of the audience who may have missed them.

Check it out, it’ll give you a new appreciation for the ever-underrated, sci-fi-centric show and just how genius it was.