My ‘Hands-On’ Experience with A Hands Free Electric Scooter (That Is Essentially A Hoverboard)

This is called a hands free electric scooter. It is basically a Segway without handles, and about as close as we can possibly come right now to the existence of an actual hoverboard. A friend of mine procured six of them (you read that correctly) and wanted to see what I thought. So how do […]

Canadian Man Sets Guinness World Record for ‘Farthest Flight by a Hoverboard’

Yes, you read that title correctly. While it may not be the hoverboard we were all wishing for when we first saw Back to the Future 2, this is about as close as we have come yet. Jeez, I didn’t even know this thing existed and people are already breaking records on the thing? Man, […]

Feast Your Eyes on This Old-School Weather Model

Modern meteorology is nothing short of amazing. The way they can use doppler radar to track a storm front, where it is going, and how long it will be there is a marvel of modern science (even if the weatherman are off here and there), But you take a look at this old school weather […]

The Secret of Why #2 Pencils Are Used On Tests

Number two, I knew I would get to the bottom of your devious secrets sooner or later. Seriously, this is why we use #2 pencils on tests. This has been bugging me for years. Cool side note, if you run some chapstick over the answer reader, it is rumored the scantron cannot process the answers […]

A Close Up View To How Scientists See Atoms

Have you ever wondered who scientists have the ability to view individual atoms? Well you are about to get an awesome science lesson via the YouTube show Reactions, and maybe get a little insight yourself into the process. (H/T to LaughingSquid)

Robot’s Encounter With Sperm Whale Will Leave You Speechless

What can you even say about this underwater encounter between a robot submarine and a massive sperm whale 1,962 feet below the surface waters off the coast of Louisiana? It is majestic, like watching a dinosaur from the past interact with a robot from the future. Surreal, and undeniably soothing. [Via Gizmodo]

How ‘Doctor Who’ Helped Scientists Figure Out Why We Fear Spiders

Most of us fear spiders. Why? Well I can only speak for myself, but they are somewhat creepy and I have fought enough of them as end bosses in video games to know they are up to no good. But scientists have recently been using Doctor Who to help them figure out WHY we fear […]

N.A.S.A Video Of Shortest Lunar Eclipse in History

Sort of speaks for itself, for those who did not get the see the lovely blood moon this past weekend, here is a version of it in real time, shot by N.A.S.A. Still pretty dang cool. Did seem like it was in an awful hurry for an eclipse, though. [Via Laughing Squid]