Stephen Hawking on Aliens, Real Possibility of Space and Time Travel

Stephen Hawking has partnered with the Discovery Channel to present a new documentary series called “Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking” covering some pretty wonderfully geeky subjects including alien visitors and time travel. But don’t get all excited. Mr. Hawking, as ever, is measured in his approach—though his comments on time travel will likely cause […]

Science Uncovers What Cleopatra and Neanderthals Had in Common

Courtesy of BBC news this morning, two particularly interesting stories that mix science, history, and… cosmetics. First up, let’s talk about eyeliner. Yes, eyeliner. There may be no look as timeless and as oft-copied as the Cleopatra eye, made famous in Egyptian art, culture, and mythology. And while it’s certainly aesthetically pleasing (I’m a personal […]