Graphene: The Magical Bulletproof Material That Made Iron Man Give Up Iron

Did you guys know that Marvel’s favorite metal man just changed up his metal? It’s true, Iron Man is no longer wearing iron, which makes his name a bit off-putting. Recently the “billionaire philanthropist playboy” shifted from his normal suit to a suit made out of graphene. So what is graphene, you ask? WIRED has […]

Simpson’s Episode of Mythbusters, Coming Soon

As you can see from the above photo, seems the Mythbusters guys have finally caved and decided to do an episode based on some of the antics from the many years of The Simpsons. The best part in all of this is, a lot of the things they are finding out (Homer might have saved his […]

Top 10 Future Technologies That Will Change the World

I can tell you all the awesome future tech on this list and tell you how it blew my mind. I could talk about the very concept of wireless electricity (and how insane an idea that is and how it seems like it should be an oxymoron), but I have to be honest here: They […]

The Science Behind Exploding Lakes (and Yes, This Is A Thing)

Did you know there is such a thing as exploding lakes? Well, there is, and judging from the 1986 explosion of Cameroons Lake Nyos, it ended up being quite devastating to the human and animal life surrounding the lake. The science behind it is fairly simple, but it’s a good thing to know in case you […]

How Building a Black Hole for ‘Interstellar’ Led To an Amazing Scientific Discovery

As I am sure many of you have heard by now, the black hole seen in the Christopher Nolan movie Interstellar is considered the most realistic portrayal of a black hole ever put on film. But did you know, in creating it (and ensuring it was accurate), they also discovered elements to the appearance of a […]

10 Futurama Jokes That Will Make You Smarter

Futurama is an incredibly well written show that throws joke after joke at its audience, well aware that some of those jokes will only be picked up on by their brightest and most scientifically inclined fans. But it’s also clear to see the creators of the show enjoy that. Slipping in jokes that may fly […]

The Genetic Wonder of the Canine: A Look at Geek’s Best Friend

It’s true. I lasted approximately 48 hours before we ended up with another dog after our pooch of 8 years was tragically hit and killed by a car. But I am a dog person, and I’d like to think that it’s in my DNA. After all, dogs may be one of the most fascinating creatures […]

Infographic: Looking for Life on Mars

We haven’t found any little green men on Mars…yet. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t been looking. Check out this informative and entertaining timeline created by NYU, containing some highlights of man’s past, present, and future search for life on the angry red planet. Really, Tesla?  The aliens are trying to talk to you?  Oh, […]