Everything You Need to Know About New Spider-Man Universe (and All Its Spidermen)

First of all, the Spider-Verse contained in the Spider-Man comics is huge and far-reaching. For a great example, just look at the Spider-Man video game, Shattered Dimensions. It lets you play as four different versions of Spide-Man. Do you know why that is? Because the Spider-Verse is filled with WAY more Spidermen and Spiderwomen than […]

Graphene: The Magical Bulletproof Material That Made Iron Man Give Up Iron

Did you guys know that Marvel’s favorite metal man just changed up his metal? It’s true, Iron Man is no longer wearing iron, which makes his name a bit off-putting. Recently the “billionaire philanthropist playboy” shifted from his normal suit to a suit made out of graphene. So what is graphene, you ask? WIRED has […]

A Thorough Dissection of the ‘Ant Man’ Trailer

Marvel looks to have 2015 locked down pretty hard, movie-wise. Actually, they seem to have the next century planned out, but one of the movies we have to look forward to first is Ant Man. While anything with Paul Rudd has to be a certain amount of awesome, some people do seem to have their doubts. Thankfully, […]

Guardians of the Galaxy Gets Director

Slither director James Gunn announced on his Faceok page that he has taken up the helm of leading Marvel’s first foray into animated feature films. Gunn promises the film will be “majestic, beautiful, and unique.” With flying space racoons, of course. Guardians is one of the most cosmic, far-reaching stories to be told in the […]