Guardians of the Galaxy Gets Director

Slither director James Gunn announced on his Faceok page that he has taken up the helm of leading Marvel’s first foray into animated feature films. Gunn promises the film will be “majestic, beautiful, and unique.” With flying space racoons, of course. Guardians is one of the most cosmic, far-reaching stories to be told in the Marvel Movieverse. The interstellar team takes on many notable baddies, but their Thanos Imperative arc will most likely be the basis for this new film.

Screenrant posted some concept art which confirms the roster: Drax the Destroyer, Groot, Star-Lord, Rocket Racoon and Gamora are slated to appear. There has also been speculation of a sixth member, a pilot from Earth, that will get tossed into the mix.

Guardians of the Galaxy was one of five movie announcements by Marvel Studios at this years San Diego Comic Con. Guardians is slated to be released in August of 2014.