Everything You Need to Know About New Spider-Man Universe (and All Its Spidermen)


First of all, the Spider-Verse contained in the Spider-Man comics is huge and far-reaching. For a great example, just look at the Spider-Man video game, Shattered Dimensions. It lets you play as four different versions of Spide-Man. Do you know why that is? Because the Spider-Verse is filled with WAY more Spidermen and Spiderwomen than you would have any idea.

Thankfully, the guys over at i09 have picked apart the Spider-Verse and can help any of you noobs coming to the party late. I feel the need to mention, I, for one, am excited about all (as I have Peter Porker, the Amazing Spider Ham issue one in mint condition and this reboot makes him a canon character which now greatly increases the worth of said comic book).

Yes, there is a pig version of Spiderman, as you can see above. That is how insane things have gotten.

[Image and Story Via i09]

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