A Thorough Dissection of the ‘Ant Man’ Trailer

anty manty

Marvel looks to have 2015 locked down pretty hard, movie-wise. Actually, they seem to have the next century planned out, but one of the movies we have to look forward to first is Ant Man. While anything with Paul Rudd has to be a certain amount of awesome, some people do seem to have their doubts.

Thankfully, Meredith Woerner over i09 has gone through the trailer with a fine tooth comb and has pretty much found anything worth noting, and all of it seems to hint at a (hopefully) really good movie. You have Paul Rudd riding a flying ant, for crying out loud. What is there NOT to love?

Essentially, I’m not the only person hoping Ant Man is this year’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

[Source: IO9]


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