Top 10 Biggest Differences Between Marvel and DC

Since I was a comic collecting kid, there were always two schools of comic fandom. DC or Marvel (with the wisest and geekiest of us collecting both, and IMAGE, and more) but there was a clear line drawn in the sand between those two major companies, with Marvel coming out ahead sometimes (X-Men) and DC […]

Simple, Awesome, DIY Avengers Lamp

The photos completely explain the process and it is exactly as easy as it looks. Some primer, some glue, some gold spray paint, and a lamp. It really IS that easy. DownToBane on Imgur shows you the whole process here, but so do we: Bam, Avengers lamp. Everyone wins! And it’s easy breezy to make. […]

Marvel Comics: Colossus Becomes Juggernaut Explained

Yes, this is a thing. What happens when you mix Colossus with Juggernaut from the Marvel comics universe? I will give you a hint: you don’t want to make it mad. [ComicsExplained]

Deadpool and Rocket Raccoon – Epic Team Ups

We all know Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy was an awesome, crass, kick-ass character. We also know Deadpool from, well, Deadpool is a awesome, crass, kick-ass character. So what do you think happens when these two characters team up? I will give you a hint: A lot of people die. And it’s awesome. […]

Everything Wrong With Ant-Man In 19 Minutes Or Less

Ant-Man was a fun film, but not without its flaws (even if they were tiny. GET IT?). Here is the CinamaSins treatment of the Marvel comics flick from this past Summer.

Stop What You Are Doing and Watch Jessica Jones NOW!

No joke. Jessica Jones is the BEST Marvel comics property yet, and is handled brilliantly on all fronts (former Dr. Who David Tennant is horrifying). A mature story about being a survivor and NOT a victim. Though most of the web is already saying it, we wanted to reinforce it. If all of Marvel’s TV shows […]

Top 10 Iron Man Villains

Iron Man has faced some truly formidable foes over time (and just wait until him and Captain America fight it out in Civil War next year). Here is the definitive list of Iron Man villains, from lamest to greatest. (WatchMojo)

10 Avengers That NEED Their Own Games

Although the entire team of the Avengers is fantastic, wouldn’t it be nice to see some of those key members get their own games? Like, imagine kicking butt and infiltrating spy rings as Black Widow? Or getting a chance to go all stealth with Hawkeye? They might not be the first choices, but it doesn’t […]

‘Lego Marvel’ Has Easter Eggs Stacked Upon Easter Eggs

So I want you to take a moment to look at the Lego Marvel easter egg(s) above. You have an Indiana Jones egg which turns into a Samuel L. Jackson egg, which then evolves into a Snakes on a Plane easter egg. That is eggception, and proof that game writers probably don’t get paid enough […]

12 Inches of Magic: New Retro Deadpool Secret Wars Toy Revealed

For me, Deadpool owns the Marvel universe. Honestly, just my opinion. He was one of Marvel’s first real comics that stopped pandering and was aimed at adults. Funny, violent, and self-aware, he was the comic book ‘hero’ we may not have NEEDED, but we definitely wanted. Good news, Deadpool fans. There is a new Deadpool […]

‘Daredevil’ Loses Jason Statham Already As Bullseye

As many of you had heard, rumor was Jason Statham was all set to play Daredevil’s nemesis, Bullseye, starting in season two of the show. Well, bad news (just days after that news was announced by most major websites). Looks like Daredevil will still be getting Bullseye, but unfortunately, it does not look like he […]

Marvel Finally Reveals New Details About Its Post-Secret Wars Universe

There have been a lot of changes in the Marvel universe lately. This is probably due to the fact that Marvel wants to ensure continuity between its ever growing movie line and its monthly comic line up. With the recent Secret Wars, many shifts have happened and a lot has gone on. But many fans […]