Marvel Superheroes Revealed

Today was a big day for upcoming Marvel Comics movies!

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we got our first glimpse of Chris Evans (The Fantastic Four, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) in-costume for his starring role in Captain America: The First Avenger set to drop later this year.  I really like the realistic design of this superhero suit.  I mean, this looks like something you could actually wear while punching out Nazis.  The wings painted on the side of the helmet are a nice, subtle touch.  Any guesses if the Snake-Eyes clones there in back are friend or foe?

EW Captain America

Meanwhile, Sony Pictures released the first official photo of a rather torn-up Andrew Garfield (The Social Network, Never Let Me Go), as your friendly neighborhood wall crawler in the reboot of Spider-Man due in 2012. While many people aren’t too keen on the reboot, we can at least see that the costume is spot-on.  And are those web shooters on the inside of his wrist?

Spider-Man costume

What do you guys think?  Do you like the new costumes?  Are you looking forward to the movies?