The #SciFund Challenge: Crowdfunding for Science

Science funding is a little hard to come by in the US as of late. The good news is that in this Age of the Internet, the opportunity to help researchers get the support they need is just a click away. The SciFund Challenge is best described as Kickstarter for scientists: research teams post their projects, potential crowdfunders choose those they’d like to support, and BAM. We’re all doing science.

For the next 43 days, RocketHub will be hosting the SciFund Challenge to get some interesting projects set up and running. You can help by visiting the SciFund homepage and choosing the research that interests you. Consider a donation your Chrismahanukwanzakah gift to humanity.

It’s practically required that I mention the duck sex project here, but there are other studies up for crowdfund support — like this one about the evolution of stress-induced hypermutation, and another for developing a method of delivering vaccines to countries with low healthcare access using social media, and this one which will look at algae domestication  — that can all use your help. FOR SCIENCE.


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