Put Realistic Objects Into Your Life with New Software

Ever wanted to put a million dollar statue on your front lawn to impress your girlfriend’s parents? Well now you can! At least in the photos you send them of your not so swank duplex. Here are some examples of a new photo editing software to be demoed at SIGGRAPH Asia this December. A research team out of the University of Illinois have developed a way to not only insert realistic looking objects into your photos, but the software calculates for the lighting, shadows, and perspective. There’s even an option for putting moving animations into your still photos.

[Source: Kevin Karsch]


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  1. Or you can accomplish this and much more for absoutely free using Blender 3D (Open Source CGI Suite). Blender Tomato Branch has a "Camera Tracking" module built-in but early versions could use Voodoo or other camera tracking software. Running this process will translate your video sequence to a scene in Blender's design views. You can then add 3D models, particle emitters, texture, compositing and more to the scene which will be anchored perfectly to your video's environment. It takes a bit of work, Blender Tomato Branch's camera tracker requires manually marking features to be tracked, while I believe Voodoo has an automation function.

  2. I've spent the last few weeks studying Blender inside and out and using what I learn to compile a Kinetic Typography video to Death Cab For Cutie's I Will Follow You Into The Dark. I haven't used Tomato Branch, Voodoo or done any camera tracking, but I know it is possible and I've seen many examples. E.g. of optimus prime transforming in-front of the animator's house.

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