Comic Previews: What Comes Out This Week (Nov. 2, 2011)

Tomorrow is Wednesday and that means new comic book day! I recently had a friend tell me he is giving up smoking, and using all this cigarette money on comics. I told him he’d still need to come up with more money for all the titles he likes to read. Luckily this will be a light week for me, but there are some great things coming out you should check out.

DC Comics will have a slew of issue #3s from the relaunch. Animal Man is the only thing coming home with me. Also, the deluxe hard cover edition of Joe the Barbarian comes out. I loved that series, until the very end. Morrison seemed to get bored with the project in the last issue and wrapped it up with little fanfare. While that made me sad, everything leading up to it was nothing short of great, and maybe a less discerning person than me won’t be disappointed with the end.

This week we see the final issue of Rick Remender‘s Fear Agent. I can’t say anything about the series as I haven’t read it, but Remender himself said in a Tweet he’d reimburse me the cost of the first trade if I didn’t like it. Something tells me I wont be getting my money back. This man has absolutely floored me with his run on Uncanny X-Force (especially the Dark Angel Saga), so I don’t expect anything but amazing, gritty, dark, and being made to feel very uncomfortable about myself with this series.

Now this month is to Marvel (and me) what September was to DC. Except, instead of rebooting 52 different properties with varying degree of continuity issues, we just get one. And it’s a doozy. Uncanny X-Men #1 launches, and we finally get to see what Scott’s plans for Utopia and the now-divided mutant kind are. If you haven’t read an X-book in years (or ever) this is as good a place as any to start off (and do yourself a favor and pick up Wolverine and the X-Men #1, which came out last week and deals with the mutants who chose to not stay with Scott Summers.) Also, really hoping for more teasers of the “It’s Coming” Phoenix stuff. I have my speculations as to how Hope ties into all that, but I’m just dying to see if Jean Grey will join the frey (we’ve already seen her Age of Apocalypse alt over in Uncanny X-Force…). Jean is one of the few comic characters who has stayed dead for more than a year!

I’m also going to check out the Thor: Deviant’s Saga. Not sure what this is about, but with the events in Fear Itself, I imagine this either takes place out of continuity or is one of the many titles Marvel just doesn’t give a lick if it ties into current events or not.

Image fans should be on the lookout for a new Hack Slash and Invincible. Both titles I follow with irregularity, and feel they lend themselves better to trades.

For a full list of what is coming out this week, head on over to Diamond Comic’s “New Releases” list:

Can’t wait to share my thoughts on all this come Thursday!

What are you picking up this week?


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  1. Ya know, at some point in the last 10 years I started being an adult. It sucks. I recently noticed a comic book shop around the corner from my apartment – I think I'll stop by today and pick up something new(or renew), and possibly ridiculous, like Avengers Origins: Ant-Man & Wasp.

    Thanks for posting this and reminding me :)

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