Facebook Turns Entire Archive Into Search Tool

Facebook is to let users search all two trillion posts ever made on the site, subject to privacy settings. It hope to use the search as a way to gather real-time eyewitness accounts of news events. Previously Facebook search would only let you search content from your Facebook friends and any pages which you had […]

New Smartphone ‘Never Runs Out Of Space’

A smartphone with (kinda) limitless storage is now on sale to the public. Its main feature is a smart idea, but probably not worth paying a premium for. The Robin handset from Nextbit was funded on Kickstarter with over a million dollars of pledges. It was originally sold to pledgers for $299. It’s now on […]

YouTube Premium Plan Will Include Exclusive Videos

YouTube appears to be going a step further than merely launching a premium ad-free version. It now appears it will also have some exclusive content for paid subscribers. As we covered last month, YouTube has already confirmed to video creators that it’s launching the paid option, with a formal launch expected this week. A $10 […]

The Minimalistic Gmail Cheat Sheet [Pic]

I had no idea there was that many shortcuts in Gmail! I’ve personally never used any of those, but hey, there’s a start to everything! Be aware that before using keyboard shortcuts, you have to enable them in Gmail, as stated at the top of the cheat sheet. For those of you who are reading […]

Nearly A Million Facebook Users ‘Come Out’ In A Year

Facebook reports 800,000 Americans “came out” on the site in the past year. The actual numbers may be affected by Facebook’s chosen definition, but there’s clearly a social trend this year. The number covers both sexuality and gender. The Facebook research team put together the figures by compiling the number of people each day who […]

The Disturbing Reality of Social Media Followers

We all want more followers. 100’s of followers. 1000’s of followers. Oh god, so many followers. Run. RUN! SAVE YOURSELVES! [ADHD]

Google.com ‘Sold For $12’

An Indian man says he briefly owned the Google.com domain name after buying it for $12. He chose not to pursue the apparent bug and the incident wound up with Google making a donation to charity. Sanmay Ved, who happens to be a former Google employee, posted on LinkedIn to explain that he was trying […]

Amazon Launches Etsy-Like Handmade Store

Amazon has launched a specialist artisan goods marketplace titled Handmade. It’s already been seen as a challenge to Etsy in that sector. Rather than launch the site and hope to pick up some sellers, it seems Amazon launched a recruitment drive beforehand, directly approaching Etsy store owners. As a result it’s launching with 5,000 sellers […]