YouTube Ads Auto-Cut To Fit Specific Viewer

YouTube ads are set to get far more personalised thanks to Google tools that will automatically show one of “hundreds or thousands of versions” of the same ad.

The specific combination will be based on information Google has about a viewer including their browsing history, app downloads and even location history.

The new tools, Director Mix and Custom Affinity Audience, are an extension of an existing program where ads can be tailored depending on which video they appear next to. For example, Campbell’s Soup ran multiple versions of the same ad where the tagline would tie in with specific music videos or TV show clips.

With the new tool, advertisers will supply a range of video clips, voiceovers, background designs and on-screen wording. They’ll then be combined to target specific users. For example, an otherwise generic store advertisement could list particular products or deals that may appeal to the user based on their previous searches. Google says location history could play a role: for example, an ad for skiwear could reference and include photos of a resort the viewer has previously visited.

It won’t be a one-off personalisation either. Google’s also offering Video Ad Sequencing, which allows advertisers to make sure a particular viewer sees multiple ads from them in a specific order. This could allow a specific sequence of ad tactics, for example showing short clips for a while to build brand awareness before moving on to more detailed ads about specific offers. It could also allow for a series of ads that appear over time with a serial narrative.

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