Net neutrality debate rolls on in Europe

The European Union is considering rules in response allegations that ISPs are deliberately blocking certain services. But any action will effectively be net-neutrality lite: officials say they won’t block discrimination based on speed. According to the EU, the strictest definition of net neutrality — that all legal traffic is treated equally — isn’t suitable for practical […]

@BrentSpiner: Embiggening YouTube’s Awesomeness

Brent Spiner, portrayer of Star Trek TNG’s Commander Data and that one long-haired scientist from “Independence Day,” has been hanging around on Twitter for quite some time. Increasing his real estate on teh interntz, he just launched a web series over on YouTube called “Fresh Hell.” The first episode, clocking in at just over three […]

A Guinness Book Nod for Greenpeace [Video]

Who has the most Facebook comments in a 24-hour period, ever? That’d be global watchdog, Greenpeace. Their recent campaign to garner comments on the Greenpeace fan page to raise awareness of Facebook’s uncleanliness logged over 50,000 comments in just over 11 hours–a number which is, according to the folks at Guinness Book of World Records, a […]