Google gets social with new search refinement

Google has begun experimenting with a feature to customize search results to reflect your online social network. The idea is to give extra weight to information and opinions from people who you have already formed an online relationship with such as friends and colleagues. The new Social Search feature will take particular account of posts […]

Facebook tweaks policies to deal with member deaths

Facebook is to launch a scheme allowing the pages of users who have passed away to be reclassified as a memorial. It’s designed to cut down on inappropriate automated messages but may also limit media intrusion. The issue has come to prominence recently after the site tweaked its “Suggestions” panel. Previously this displayed details of […]

Goby: The Search Engine for Getting Out of Your Chair

Now, I’ve got admit, when I heard about Goby–the search engine designed to match your interests with current events in your area, or any area for that matter–I quirked a bit of an eyebrow. What’s this now? Do we really need another search engine, let alone one that tries to fill a rather specific niche? […]

Going Beyond the Streets with the Google Street View Trike

Since Google Street View cars are somewhat limited to conventional paved roads, the folks at Google thought to equip a trike with the gear necessary to take pictures of spots which are normally not reachable by four-wheeled vehicles. Check it out. You can even go and vote for the trike’s next destination by visiting the […]