Skype + Microsoft = End of the World as we Know it

For those of you who’ve been hiding under a rock all day, here’s the biggest news of the day: Microsoft just bought Skype for $8.5 billion. So in honor of the transaction, we’d like to present you a revamped version of what the Skype logo may look like in a few months. Behold:

’nuff said.


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    • Probably about 150-200mb download, 10 minutes to install on a Sandy Bridge i7, and 1gb of disk space. And it'll integrate with your Facebook page too. Complete with flashy novelty animations that you'll play with once, then get annoyed with every time someone else has their "play with once" moment with you, too. Then they'll slap the word "FREE" everywhere on the page as if it actually meant something*. Gee, I can't wait!

      (* – can you believe MS has the nerve to call the Bing Toolbar "FREE"?)

  1. I can't see any reason why it would suck, as a matter of fact I'm glad they bought it since they might remove the annoying advertising (or at least some of it), and maybe even get rid of the awful lag.
    I doubt they would charge for it (since people would just switch to something else) and it will probably be integrated in Windows.

    At least provide arguments when throwing rocks at something.

    Good job MS!

  2. *SIGH* I guess that this means that there will never be any updates for the Linux client…not that there have been any in the last couple of years, but still…mismanaged is better than ignored…

  3. skynet has already been done, it was a project that sky was doing to get internet over sky tv connection i believe

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