Internet French Kissing Device

No, I’m not kidding. A Japanese student from The University of Electro-Communications located in Chofu City, Tokyo, has invented an Internet french kissing device. Check it out:


16 Responses to Internet French Kissing Device

  1. They match rhythms. I think it would be just one more electronic device that couples would fight over control of… :)

  2. "If we can recreate all of those, I think it will be a really powerful device."
    Why do I get this sense of foreboding?

  3. More techno crap between you and another person to make our world even more impersonal. Niiiice.

  4. If they get the thing working remotely, and more accurate to an actual kiss, i can that being incredibly useful for long-distance relationships.

  5. OK, NOW I'm creeped out, and totally appalled that someone would consider using this, let alone conceive and execute it. Come to think about it, maybe "execute" is the proper word.

  6. So he's working on a tactile communication device… sorry, my mind wandered into other "tactile" activities.

    Oh, come on; you know that you did also.