Chrome Password Fail: A Good Reason NOT to Save Your Password Locally

If you’re using Chrome as your browser of choice, anyone with access to your computer could easily take a peek at all your saved passwords. All you have to do is:

1-Click on wrench icon on the top right of the browser
2-Click on “Options”
3-On the left of the “options” screen, click on “Personal Stuff”
4-Click on “Manage save passwords” in the password sub-section
5-Select any site from the displayed list
6-Click on the “show” button.

I understand that the browser needs to have a feature like this, but seriously Google, you guys need to protect this section a little better.

Edit: Now please, people, calm down. I only posted this to point out a “possible” security problem to those who were not aware of it. Now let’s all take a deep breath and see this post for what it is: a simple warning.


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