Passwordless Sign-In Getting Easier

Apple, Google and Microsoft have agreed a joint program to boost passwordless sign-ins. They’ll give greater support to the FIDO Alliance standard. The idea is to almost completely remove the need to use any passwords, sidestepping the trade-off between security and convenience. At the moment FIDO often requires users to type in a password the […]

When Today Was Tomorrow’s World (2020 Imagined in the Early 90s)

Two archive videos show that what is today a mundane reality was once a fantastical future… though not everything worked out as planned. The clips come from BBC show Tomorrow’s World, which featured a combination of the latest technology available at the time and the ideas in the works. The first, from 1989, imagined what […]

Plex Free TV and Movie Platform Adds Universal Streaming Search

Plex has launched a “universal search” tool for online streaming services and other video sources. It’s hardly a new idea, but works smoothly in the service’s various apps. “Discover” is a beta feature available to all users on an opt-in basis at this stage. During a quick setup, you can select which apps and services […]

Advance Your IT Career with This Comprehensive PenTest + Ethical Hacking Course Bundle

It’s no secret that cybersecurity is a top industry to tap into these days. Companies of all sizes are continuously looking to hire skilled individuals who comprehend the essential elements of protecting their online business—including ethical hacking. Whether your goal is to complement your current profession or learn a new skill, this bundle will help […]

Black Friday: AMAZING Deal on Our Favorite VPN! (80% OFF + 3 FREE Months!)

If you value your privacy on the web, here is a geektastic VPN deal you won’t want to miss. PIA, which is the VPN solution we’ve been using here at Geeks are Sexy for over 7 years, is currently offering a three-year subscription to their service for just $79 instead of $388.05! They have over […]

Master Google Analytics with this Pre-Black Friday Doorbuster deal on class bundle

Are you at a standstill when it comes to the growth of your website? Searching for a confidence-boost for the big launch? Set that stress aside and gain the expertise you crave with a discounted five-course master class. The Google Analytics Master Class Bundle enables you to take that next step with access to more […]