Banning TikTok Could Weaken Personal Cybersecurity

Banning TikTok could unintentionally pose a cybersecurity risk. SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images Robert Olson, Rochester Institute of Technology TikTok is not be the first app to be scrutinized over the potential exposure of U.S. user data, but it is the first widely used app that the U.S. government has proposed banning over privacy and […]

Voice deepfakes are calling – here’s what they are and how to avoid getting scammed

Cloning someone’s voice is easier than ever. D-Keine/iStock via Getty Images Matthew Wright, Rochester Institute of Technology and Christopher Schwartz, Rochester Institute of Technology You have just returned home after a long day at work and are about to sit down for dinner when suddenly your phone starts buzzing. On the other end is a […]

ChatGPT can’t lie to you, but you still shouldn’t trust it

Chuan Chuan/Shutterstock Mackenzie Graham, University of Oxford “ChatGPT is a natural language generation platform based on the OpenAI GPT-3 language model.” Why did you believe the above statement? A simple answer is that you trust the author of this article (or perhaps the editor). We cannot verify everything we are told, so we regularly trust […]

Today’s Hottest Deals: Save Big on Anker Charging Products, Tribit FlyBuds 3 Wireless Earbuds, Complete 2023 Cyber Security Developer & IT Skills Course Bundle, and MORE!

For today’s edition of “Deal of the Day,” here are some of the best deals we stumbled on while browsing the web this morning! Please note that Geeks are Sexy might get a small commission from qualifying purchases done through our posts (as an Amazon associate or a member of other affiliate programs.) –The Complete […]

What is Mastodon? A social media expert explains how the ‘federated’ network works and why it won’t be a new Twitter

Twitter users who are fleeing to the social media platform Mastodon are finding it to be a different animal. Brian C. Keegan, University of Colorado Boulder In the wake of Elon Musk’s noisy takeover of Twitter, people have been looking for alternatives to the increasingly toxic microblogging social media platform. Many of those fleeing or […]

Mass migration from Twitter is likely to be an uphill battle – just ask ex-Tumblr users

The turmoil inside Twitter headquarters is sparking discussion of a mass exodus of users. What will happen if there is a rush to the exits? Photo: Kevin Krejci (CC BY 2.0) Casey Fiesler, University of Colorado Boulder Elon Musk announced that “the bird is freed” when his US$44 billion acquisition of Twitter officially closed on […]